Here you can buy a fake degree.

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Are you tempted to fake a degree you don't have? Do you have a hard time finding a job, but you don't want to continue studying? We tell you what the consequences of doing something like this can be. Here you can buy a fake degree.

If we just graduated and we don't have much (or no) work experience to show on our CV, it may seem tempting to "make up" slightly by increasing our qualifications or directly inventing some extra or postgraduate course that we haven't really done or finished to get a job with more ease.

If you are wondering if it is good to do something like that, if it is worth the risk in exchange for getting a good job before your competitors, the only answer we can give you is a clear no. Do not even think about it.

Cost benefit assessment

It is possible that the lack of employment is leading us to despair and we are mulling over the idea of ??fattening our CV or acquiring a forged title. During this decision-making process, we must carefully assess the costs and benefits that doing such a thing could have for us.


We could access a job more quickly.

We would differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

We could apply for a position of greater responsibility.

We could get a higher salary.


If they catch us, our work will go to waste. Lying on the curriculum implies dismissal from without the right to compensation.

Our reputation as liars may be known to other employers and it will cost us more to get a good job in our industry.

If we have a modicum of conscience, we will feel bad for having cheated and harming others who deserved the position more than we did.

Our self-esteem will drop because deep down we will know that we are not valid for the position.

Depending on the level of the lie, we may incur a crime of document falsification , which carries a prison sentence of six months to three years and a fine of six to twelve months.

If we are also working as public officials, the penalty for document falsification is three to six years in prison, a fine of six to twenty-four months and a special disqualification of two to six years.

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