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罗伯特·米彻姆英语:Robert Charles Durman Mitchum,1917年8月6日-1997年7月1日)是美国电影演员,作家,作曲家和歌手。是美国电影学会评选的AFI百年百大明星25名男演员中的第23名。米彻姆是主演黑色(Noir)电影的代表人物,被视为20世纪五六十年代反英雄电影的先驱。他主演的根据赫尔曼沃克小说拍摄的电视连续剧《战争与回忆》也很好看。

Detective Philip Marlowe [Robert Mitchum] trying to solve a murder he has stumbled on, involved with the California Gambling scene and three potentially dangerous women...

【片名】 Farewell My Lovely

----Some have criticized Mitchum's Marlowe as too cynical. I think he's perfect as the aging, idealistic dreamer who has been beaten down by life's hard knocks but retains his sense of honor and compassion. One of his best roles.

-----and sense of humor. He has a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. RIP to a star.

-----From the moment the haunting music begins and the neon night flickers you know you're in for something special. But then the rich baritone of Robert Mitchum''s world weary read of Phillip Marlowe begins and suddenly I realize this is the best Marlowe ever. May I add John Ireland as Lt Nulty clinches it. Enjoy.

----- I really love this film it's very unique and the acting, cinematography and music make it a classic, especially for that decade. Thanks for a great upload :) ... bless .

----- This is one of the best Chandler adaptations but still it seems to be a lost gem.

------ Read the book!

------ Watched it and loved it!  I do need to watch it a few more times though!  Was blown away at the police corruption...whoa........

------ Mitchum seemed to sleep-walk through this role. America's greatest actor was Jimmy Stewart--the only pro who worked the almighty trinity (Hitchock, Ford, Capra), a method actor without any fuss about this total immersion in every role. His range went from laconic, stoic John Wayne style to an hysterical feminine register. Favorite scene: with Donna Reed when both are at the same phone and George Bailey (Stewart) tells her he's going to build buildings and fulfill his heroic ambitions at the same time he violently submits to her unbreakable hold on him. Watching Stewart is like experiencing grand opera or Shakespearean tragedy. He's the Louis Armstrong/Charlie Parker/John Coltrane of screen acting.

-------- Robert Mitchum the greatest star all time

-------- why is this out of sync? but it's so wonderful otherwise. saw it at the movies in 1975 when it came out in the theatres. always have loved it. and great to watch it again here now.

------- Critic Roger Ebert gave the film a positive review and wrote, "These opening shots are so evocative of Raymond Chandler's immortal Marlowe, archtypical private eye, haunting the underbelly of Los Angeles, that if we're Chandler fans we hold our breath. Is the ambience going to be maintained, or will this be another campy rip-off? Half an hour into the movie, we relax. Farewell, My Lovely never steps the genre itself there hasn't been anything this good since Hollywood was doing Philip Marlowe the first time around. One reason is that Dick Richards, the director, takes his material and character absolutely seriously. He is not uneasy with it, as Robert Altman was when he had Elliott Gould flirt with seriousness in The Long Goodbye. Richards doesn't hedge his bet."

----- I was told this was a great movie so i'll watch it tonite









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