Falling in Love--咱10岁小外甥春假从美国来我家写的日记

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Canada (B.C.) Spring 2010

By Justin Bao

Day 1: The Arrival

In spring, 2010, almost all my family (dad stayed home) went to British Colombia, Canada to visit my cousin Allen, and to do some sightseeing. Allen lives in an apartment, so we didn’t have to rent a house or hotel room. That’s being thrifty. When we got there, (the car trip was way too long to remember) we unpacked and ate dinner…at 4:00. I noticed how small his apartment was, and that it only had four rooms. That’s small. There was a Living Room, a Kitchen, a Bedroom, and a Master Bedroom. Yep, pretty small. Today, basically all we did was got used to theplace. Allen let us play his Playstation 2, we walked around, brushed our teeth, and went to bed. This is what I call the daily routine. I slept on an airbed in the living room, close to where James slept (on a sofa bed).

Day 2: Canadian Fun

When we woke up, we ate breakfast (of course). All I had was a chocolate muffin. We did all the regular morning stuff. This is the morning part of the daily routine. Today was the first day of tourism. When we headed out, we walked to the Skytrain (A.K.A. the Canada Line). It took us to Waterfront Station in Downtown Vancouver. We did many things there. The things we did there were: seeing the Olympic Cauldron, looking at Inukshuk, seeing the Gastown Steamclock, looking at the Olympic and aralympic symbol, and eating lunch. Those were all before 1:00. After 1:00, we bought 2 Olympic mascot plush toys. They were Miga and Sumi. Then we went “home” on the Skytrain. After that, we followed the daily routine. Except today Allen also showed us the apartment. Then we ate dinner, showered, and brushed our teeth. But then I went to the Bedroom, and looked out the window. The busy streets of B.C. were BEAUTIFUL! It made me want to weep. After gazing out the window, I went to bed.

Day 3: Falling in Love

At the sight of dawn, I knew it was going to be a great day. We went with the daily routine, (breakfast, getting prepared, etc.) we got in the car and headed for Lynn Canyon Park. When we got there, we went on the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge. It was wobbly. Then we hiked the trails to Twin Falls. To get there, we had to climb a lot of stairs. By lunch we were done. But I was sad. Time had gone by so fast. Once again we did the daily routine, except today we went shopping, (at S&N upermarket) and saw Queen Elizabeth Garden too. Then we ate dinner, and brushed our teeth. But when, I looked out the window at B.C., I realized that I had fallen in love with Canada.

Day 4: One Last Look

When I woke, I realized something. In one day, we had to leave. I was ready to cry. I was having so much fun. After the daily routine, we took a spin in the car and headed for U.B.C. At U.B.C., (University of British Colombia) we hiked the trails to Acadia Beach and Wreck Beach. Those trails had almost as much stairs as in Lynn Canyon Park! After a picture taking period of time, we headed for the apartment. We followed the daily routine. Then, after dinner, we went to the Richmond Olympic Centre. We took some pictures, then walked back to the apartment. We brushed our teeth, then looked outside again. This would one last look. Then I went to bed.

Day 5: Waves of Sadness

Today was the day we had to leave. I was heartbroken. I sighed. After the daily routine, we packed up and got last memories of everything. When we started the car, sadness filled my heart. When we got back, I cried. I cried and cried and cried. That vacation was very hard to leave. I wanted to go back immediately. Luckily, my mom said that we could go back later. Canada is one of my favorite places ever. I loved this vacation.









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很惊叹一个10岁孩子的表达是如此流畅自然, 喜欢.
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very good!
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好孩子,怎么玩都不忘daily routine~~~
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红妹子: 喜欢,思维清晰的男孩

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