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小P西五区早上Apr 21, 2021 at 02:56:27AM -0500发出义正词邮件, Linus副手,负责Linu常务的老大Greg KH不到20分钟Wed, 21 Apr 2021 10:15:47 +0200就洋洋洒洒写了一长篇。 (https://lore.kernel.org/linux-nfs/YH/fM/TsbmcZzwnX@kroah.com/)
You, and your group, have publicly admitted to sending known-buggy patches to see how the kernel community would react to them, and published a paper based on that work.
你和你的小组, 公开承认提交问题补丁,来测试内核社区的反应,且以此为基础发表论文一篇
Now you submit a new series of obviously-incorrect patches again, so what am I supposed to think of such a thing? 现在你又提交一系列明显错误的补丁,你叫我怎么想?
They obviously were _NOT_ created by a static analysis tool that is of any intelligence, as they all are the result of totally different patterns, and all of which are obviously not even fixing anything at all. So what am I supposed to think here, other than that you and your group are continuing to experiment on the kernel community developers by sending such nonsense patches? 很显然这些补丁不是一个聪明的静态分析程序产生的, 因为它们格式截然不同,而且它们不修复任何问题。你和你的小组是不是拿这些破烂补丁接着测试LINUX内核社区的开发人员,除此之外我还能怎么想?
When submitting patches created by a tool, everyone who does so submits them with wording like "found by tool XXX, we are not sure if this is correct or not, please advise." which is NOT what you did here at all. You were not asking for help, you were claiming that these were legitimate fixes, which you KNEW to be incorrect.
别人上交某个工具自动产生的补丁的时候,都会注明, “某某工具发现的, 我们不确定正确与否,请指示”, 你的补丁里啥也没写。你不是寻求帮助, 你直接声称这些都是中规中矩的修复补丁,你心里知道它们不对的
A few minutes with anyone with the semblance of knowledge of C can see that your submissions do NOT do anything at all, so to think that a tool created them, and then that you thought they were a valid "fix" is totally negligent on your part, not ours. You are the one at fault, it
任何一位 对C语言熟悉的人 花几分钟 就能看出你提交的这些补丁 不干任何事情; 你自己觉得某工具产生了这些补丁,是有修复功能的有效补丁, 那是你的错觉你的疏忽,不是我们的。错的在你。
Our community welcomes developers who wish to help and enhance Linux. That is NOT what you are attempting to do here, so please do not try to frame it that way.
我们社区欢迎能开发人员来帮助和加强LINUX。这不是你(们)试图做得事情, 所以不要装扮成那样。
Our community does not appreciate being experimented on, and being "tested" by submitting known patches that are either do nothing on purpose, or introduce bugs on purpose. If you wish to do work like this, I suggest you find a different community to run your experiments on, you are not welcome here.
我们社区不喜欢被人当实验品, 不喜欢别人拿无用的或者有意导入错误的补丁来测试我们。 你(们)如果想做类似的工作, 我建议你们找个别的社区去实验, 你(们)在此不受欢迎。
Because of this, I will now have to ban all future contributions from your University and rip out your previous contributions, as they were obviously submitted in bad-faith with the intent to cause problems.
由鉴于此,我要禁止你们学校以后提交补丁, 要把你们过去提交的剔出去,因为提交者不怀好意,想制造麻烦

greg k-h

Greg发完这个邮件以后, 马上贴到了推特之上 (图片上的时间是我的时间, 西六区 -06:00)  twitter.com/gregkh
Linux kernel developers do not like being experimented on, we have enough real work to do 本社区开发人员不喜欢被人做实验,由太多正事要干。










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