THE LION HERO (2) Survival

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Run away lion cub Kona crawled to safety under a thick   bush. Kona still had memories of her father, mother,   brothers, and sisters. Kona however, had no time to think about her family, she had to survive, no matter what.

Kona searched the ground for food. Kona peeked under bushes, looked behind   rocks, searched caves, and climbed trees hoping to find leftovers from   another lion’s meal. And when Kona was just about to give up, Kona came upon a dead gazelle.

Kona was over joyed yet starving. Kona dove into the gazelle. Kona bit every chunk of meat off   the corpse until she became bloated. Kona dashed across the savannah while looking for a safe spot to stay for the night. But Kona has forgotten what danger she is in, until she walked   right into another lion’s territory. 

A huge male walked up to Kona with eyes that bore into her soul.

“What are you doing here in my territory???” The males voice seemed to boom over the entire savannah. Kona froze in terror.

“Answer my question!!” The male   bared his teeth at Kona threatening to eat her. Kona tried to speak but only a squeak came out.

”Now you will pay for what you did to our dinner!”The male screeched. Kona didn’t even notice that she had stepped on a dead zebra.

”Nyra! Get the boys!”The male demanded. Suddenly three more lions stepped out of their hiding places.

”Well, well, what do we have here?”The female called Nyra said in a threatening tone.

”Mmmm, I would rather eat that little lion cub instead of our zebra.” Another   male   said licking his lips. The third was really threatening.

”If you don’t get out of here I am going to tear you to shreds, and then I am going to eat your shreds!”

Kona tried to move but her feet were glued to the ground. All of the lions were closing in for the kill. Suddenly, Kona burst from the circle of hungry lions into the open savannah.

”She’s getting away!!!’’ The male’s voice trailed off for at least a mile. Kona runs as fast as her stubby little legs could carry her, but she regrets eating the whole gazelle making her slow down.

WHOOOSHHH!!!!!! “ROAARRRRR!!!!” The male bellowed in agony. Kona stops to see what happened. Kona stared in horror to see an arrow lodged in the big males left shoulder. Watching the male squirm, wiggle, toss and turn made Kona sick.

Another arrow was shot in the air. The second arrow landed right in the neck of the male. The squirming slowed then stopped. Kona slowly walks to the male. As Kona nudges the male with her nose, there was a small movement but stopped in an instant, the male was dead. Kona was happy to be free but she still felt like she was in danger. She continued her journey.

The next  day, Kona wakes up, but as she is getting her eyes to adjust to the morning light she saw two cheetahs staring down at her,

”Who are you?”Kona asked with curiosity.

”We are cheetahs.”A big cheetah announced proudly.

“Are you going to eat me?”Kona asked her heart racing.

“No, little one.”The big cheetah murmured.

” We need your help.”A smaller cheetah said desperately.

“Before I help you with anything what are your names?”

“I am Sakura, and I am Satoshi.”The cheetahs said losing their patience.

“Okay, okay, what you need help with?’’

“We need help capturing The Poachers.”Sakura said her eyes filled with hope.

“Wait, wait, who and what are The Poachers?”Kona asked, her eyes filled with curiosity.

“The Poachers are a group of really bad people who kill animals for their skin and bones so they could get money when they sell them.”Satoshi said, eyes filled with fear.

“The leader, Bo, is the worst poacher of all. He is fat, ugly, his breath stinks and…and…HE’S A CRIMINAL! Sakura burst.

“How are we going to catch them?”Kona asked, feeling just as scared as the cheetahs were.

“We need a plan.”The cheetahs said at the same time.

 Kona, Sakura, and Satoshi walked in a circle thinking of a plan to catch The Poachers.

“We need the police to catch The Poachers before any more savannah animals die.”Satoshi said.

“But the police never catch The Poachers!”Sakura said annoyed.

“Maybe we shouldn’t let the police find The Poachers, let The Poachers find the police. Kona said slyly.

“How are we supposed to do that?”Sakura asked, unsure.

“Here’s the plan.”Kona said.

(to be continued)


(Dear Uncles and Aunties, sorry I couldn't reply to your comments one by one, since I am busy with my school. Please forgive me. Thank you for coming and reading my story!)










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1 回复 wcat 2012-1-3 01:01
Well, I am the first this time!  
1 回复 wcat 2012-1-3 01:02
If you dare to, fight with me!         
(I do not mean Hannah.)
1 回复 在美一方 2012-1-3 01:07
1 回复 xqw63 2012-1-3 01:19
1 回复 wcat 2012-1-3 02:20
xqw63: intresting
Hi, 63!  Want to fight with me?    
1 回复 xqw63 2012-1-3 02:21
wcat: Hi, 63!  Want to fight with me?      
   Fight for what?
1 回复 wcat 2012-1-3 02:27
xqw63:    Fight for what?
Don't you see my picture here?    
1 回复 xqw63 2012-1-3 02:40
wcat: Don't you see my picture here?      
The cat?
1 回复 wcat 2012-1-3 02:44
xqw63: The cat?
1 回复 xqw63 2012-1-3 02:52
wcat: Yes   
but i don't know what we are fighting for?
1 回复 wcat 2012-1-3 02:53
xqw63: but i don't know what we are fighting for?
For nothing, stupid!  
1 回复 roaming 2012-1-3 03:03
WOW, such long story, very interesting. Looking forward to reading the next chapter.  
1 回复 大唐国际 2012-1-3 03:16
1 回复 卉樱果 2012-1-3 03:17
interesting, can not wait for the next~
1 回复 Emansfield 2012-1-3 04:52
waiting for Kona's plan....  
1 回复 月亮天使 2012-1-3 06:01
wow, long story, Kona is very brave, and smart, what is her plan?
1 回复 瓷娃娃ChinaDoll 2012-1-3 07:57
What is her plan?I want to know very badly.
1 回复 方兴未艾 2012-1-3 10:06
It's almost as good as the lion king story.
By the way if you ever consider running away from your parents, let auntie know, I will help you out.   
Just kidding, mom and dad love you.
1 回复 yulinw 2012-1-3 10:36
1 回复 布衣人 2012-1-3 12:24
Oh Kona, where are you? Your mommy and daddy miss you so much now.

This is a very creative story!  The story is very engaging.  We are very interested to learn what happens to Kona as the story progresses.  Thank you for sharing with us.
I think you will also make your story in Chinese in near future because you are very talented and you have a best teacher for Chinese.


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