The Lion Hero (6) Bo Escape

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As Bo dusts himself off he sees Officer Lynch hot on his trail. Bo picks up a gun, and then starts running.

“Bo, drop your weapon and drop to your knees!”Officer Lynch yells.

“Never!” Bo shouts and points his gun at Officer Lynch.

As Bo shoots at Lynch he misses.

“You missed!”Officer Lynch yells with delight.

Bo and Officer Lynch run through the savannah until Officer Lynch collapsed. Now it’s up to Kona to catch Bo. Sakura and Satoshi decide to join the chase.

“Sakura, go to the left!”Kona barked.

“Satoshi, go to the right!”Kona shouts over all of the screaming and gun shots.

“I will corner him!”Kona yells.

As all of the big cats corner Bo, Kona, jumps and tackles The Poachers leader.

“Sakura, now that Bo is on the ground, go back to the police camp and lead the policemen   right to Bo!”Kona demands.

As Sakura sprints back to the police camp, she saw Officer Lynch laying face down in the dirt. Sakura walks over to Officer Lynch. As Sakura nudges Lynch with her nose, he wakes up and stumbles backwards.

“AHHH, CHEETAH!!!”Officer Lynch screams in fear.

Sakura doesn’t eat Lynch, she actually helps him up. Sakura nudges Officer Lynch in the direction of Bo.

“You want me to follow you?”Lynch asked with curiosity.

Sakura nods her head as in “yes”.

“If you know where Bo is, take me to him.”Lynch commanded.

Sakura starts running south. Lynch follows.










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1 回复 卉樱果 2012-1-8 03:18
Bo is clever, Bo很聪明;Sakura is kind - Sakura 的心很好
1 回复 汉娜神园 2012-1-8 03:22
卉樱果: Bo is clever, Bo很聪明;Sakura is kind - Sakura 的心很好
But Bo is very bad, he is the head of the poachers (who are illegal hunters).
1 回复 卉樱果 2012-1-8 03:30
汉娜神园: But Bo is very bad, he is the head of the poachers (who are illegal hunters).
some time  the bad person is very smart
1 回复 丹奇 2012-1-8 03:40
now Bo escaped, how you gonna catch him again?
1 回复 远洋副船长 2012-1-8 04:02
enjoy the interesting story!
1 回复 xqw63 2012-1-8 05:57
1 回复 Chi202 2012-1-8 06:41
Hi 汉娜,

Thank you very much not only for the interesting story but also english that I learnt from you.
1 回复 putongren10 2012-1-8 08:42
1 回复 微风淡淡 2012-1-8 09:20
xqw63: 汉娜的英文写作真棒,无论用词还是语法,有出息啊
1 回复 微风淡淡 2012-1-8 09:21
1 回复 都市小人物 2012-1-8 10:23
1 回复 徐福男儿 2012-1-8 10:29
Hi, Hannah, you wrote a very nice story. 汉娜,你写了一个很好的故事。
1 回复 早安太阳 2012-1-8 14:55
1 回复 roaming 2012-1-9 05:35
Very good story. Exciting!

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