The Lion Hero (8) Almost got him!

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Sakura and Officer Lynch hurried to the camp as fast as they can, while the eagle and the cats corner Bo.

“Nice kitty, I am not going to hurt you now that I know that you are going to hurt me.”Bo tried to smoothen the situation.

“Eagle, attack from above!”Kona ordered.

“Satoshi, bite any of his legs!”Kona barked.

“And I will scrape his arms!”Kona roared.

As the animals attack Bo, blood was everywhere! Bo’s legs were streaked with blood, and the eagle’s talons were covered in blood, the cat’s claws and faces were covered in blood. But that’s when Bo kicks and throws every animal off of him then starts to run away.

“He’s getting away again!”Kona screeched.

“Not for long.”The eagle called.

The eagle soared through the open skies looking graceful in every way. Then she started to do a spiral nose dive, directly at Bo. When she hit, Bo collapsed.

“Hooray!”Satoshi shouted with happiness, but his happiness did not last long.

Kona tapped Satoshi and pointed behind him. All animals stared in horror to see Bo getting back up on his feet.

“I thought I killed him!”The eagle cried with fear.

“Me too.”Satoshi murmured.

“You silly animals can’t kill me!”Bo laughs evilly.

The animals stepped back in fear. But they heard footsteps in the tall grasses behind them. It was Sakura and Officer Lynch!

“Get out of the way, lion and cheetahs.”Lynch ordered.

All animals stepped out of the way, as Officer Lynch pulls out his taser he shocks Bo who drops to the ground. All animals cheered.












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1 回复 xqw63 2012-1-10 00:10
Good job. You will be a famous writer
1 回复 丹奇 2012-1-10 00:45
I love to read this part, eagle join the story made it a much exciting and  rich picture.
1 回复 tangremax 2012-1-10 01:19
1 回复 roaming 2012-1-10 03:04
Nice, good story again. Looking for the next one!
1 回复 早安太阳 2012-1-10 03:54
   you go girl!!
1 回复 xinsheng 2012-1-10 09:34
1 回复 卉樱果 2012-1-10 12:44
eagle comes out~
1 回复 汉娜神园 2012-1-10 12:49
xqw63: Good job. You will be a famous writer
Thank you, Uncle!
1 回复 汉娜神园 2012-1-10 12:50
丹奇: I love to read this part, eagle join the story made it a much exciting and  rich picture.
Mommy, thank you and I love you!
1 回复 汉娜神园 2012-1-10 12:50
tangremax: 此姝必成大器。
what does that mean? Uncle?
1 回复 tangremax 2012-1-11 05:29
汉娜神园: what does that mean? Uncle?
you are so great!

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