The Werewolf (3): Taken Over

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Julia ran back to Mrs. Oliver’s front porch and quickly picked up the bag. She saw Mrs. Oliver coming through the front door.

 “Awooooooooooo!!”Mrs. Oliver howled.

Julia stopped and looked around for any weapons. She found a large stick. Julia swung the stick at the lycanthrope. The stick landed right in the middle of Mrs. Oliver’s chest.

 “AWOOoooooo!”Mrs. Oliver howled which then turned into a whisper.

“Julia, my dear Julia please, I am not who you think I am.”Mrs. Oliver pleaded but was fake. Julia walked to Mrs. Oliver and looked down. Mrs. Oliver leaned toward Julia.

“Ahhhhh!!!”Julia screamed in pain. Mrs. Oliver had bitten Julia!

“Heh, heh, heh, that is what you get for being a pest, Julia!”Mrs. Oliver  She was overwhelmed in pain. Her body sprung fur, her nails extended into claws, her green eyes were turned yellow, and her personality changed. No more nice straight A Julia. In her place was a troublemaker.

Julia ran around growling. She knocked over dumpsters; climbed tree’s and busted open doors in search of food.
The full moon was almost gone. Julia transformed back into a human. But nothing changed.

She was still a troublemaker.
Julia walked back to her house. She slugged anybody who was silly enough to get in her way. Julia dragged herself home. She entered the kitchen then, threw the refrigerator open.

“No, not this.”Julia said as she tossed some carrots behind her.

 “Eww, never!”Julia grumbled then threw some tomatoes to the side. Julia went upstairs to go to bed.

(to be  continued)










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0 回复 早安太阳 2012-1-21 23:53
吓死人啊你,汉娜!! so scary!!!!
0 回复 丹奇 2012-1-22 00:00
Julia was taken over !
0 回复 卉樱果 2012-1-22 01:55
so scary~ were you scared when you were writing? poor Julia, I wish she would be ok at last~

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