The Werewolf (5): A New Friend

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“Fine, I will try to pull them out.”Julia said wishing she sat somewhere else.  
Julia got a good hold on her fangs and tried to rip them out. Her fangs wouldn’t budge. Goth girl’s eyes opened wide with fear.  
  “Believe , me now?”Julia said.
 “Yeah, I believe you.”Goth girl said sarcastically.      
 “So, what is your name?”Julia asked.       
“Violet.”Violet replied annoyed.    
  “Hmm, I was expecting your name to be like Jade or something.”Julia wondered aloud.       
“So, what do you like to do?”Julia asked Violet in a welcome way.
“I like to listen to rock music and usually hang around my friends.”Violet answered.      
“Ooohhh, what I do is after sunset I turn into a you-know-what and then I go crazy, having no control of myself.”Julia explained.
“Hmm, is that why I believe you?”Violet pointed to Julia’s fur.
“No, that is just my regular body hair. Maybe I should shave.”Julia mumbled under her breath.
 “We are here!”Violet shouted to everyone on the bus.
Everybody was climbing off of the bus while Julia and Violet stayed in the back talking about what they have in common.
“Meet you in the science lab!”Violet shouted over the traffic of moving sneakers, sandals, and all other shoes.  
(to be continued)












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2 回复 卉樱果 2012-1-26 07:50
2 回复 卉樱果 2012-1-26 07:52
poor Violet, I guess she would have trouble~
1 回复 月亮天使 2012-1-26 07:54
you are such a creative writer! Big Angel bless little angel!
3 回复 丹奇 2012-1-26 08:49
julia has become a wierd girl!
5 回复 汉娜神园 2012-1-26 09:07
卉樱果: poor Violet, I guess she would have trouble~
thank you auntie for commenting. Yes, she will be in trouble.
2 回复 汉娜神园 2012-1-26 09:07
月亮天使: you are such a creative writer! Big Angel bless little angel!
I love angel!
1 回复 汉娜神园 2012-1-26 09:07
丹奇: julia has become a wierd girl!
hi mommy, i will get her straight up!
2 回复 早安太阳 2012-1-26 10:18
   Keep up the great work!!
1 回复 tangremax 2012-1-26 10:21
i love it so much!
3 回复 黑茉莉 2012-1-27 00:41
wow, a genius writer!
4 回复 卉樱果 2012-2-7 11:39
I have been waiting for so long

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