The NATO sheepfold theory and the idea of world peace

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I don't know if the above link is the most original source. It seems logical.
Yesterday, I saw such a novel theory for the first time, but after a little thought, I figured out what such a group is. If it's really for the sake of peace, it's kind. But is that the truth? Is it really a flock of little sheep being protected? If they are sheep, the danger to the sheep outside the enclosure should be just a bleating call to remind them? However, the bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the color revolution of other countries, the evil deeds of sheep in the circle in other places, and the wolf's nature portrays itself as a little cute, which is really a big joke in the world!
If, according to this theory, the Warsaw Pact and NATO formed cliques during the cold war, both sides have legitimate reasons. But should the world be like this? Go back to the division of spheres of influence between two large groups? China disdains and does not need to do so.
If they are really harmless little sheep, it is OK to protect them in circles, but it is actually a military group in collusion. It seems that there is a sheepfold, which can be used as a fart. In response to the evil deeds of the evil "sheep" in the sheepfold, a missile will be fired to clear them at a fixed point, which will break these promises surrounded by interests.
Such a mob is a group of dogs led by the United States. They are always waiting for the master's order to give a bite to others. If it is an opponent who is easy to bully, it must release a group of them to bully. If you are facing an opponent like China and Russia, which dog dares to come over? If the opponent has a good relationship with the owner at ordinary times, he may denounce the evil deeds of these dogs. If he has a bad relationship, he will tear his face. Does it still need to look at the owner's face to beat the dog?Even beat their master up.
There are still many injustices in the world. Many real sheep in Africa and Latin America are enslaved, and government officials are buying and feeding people at low and no cost, and are being cut leeks by these collusive groups at any time. In some countries, people who have been bullied by them have been displaced, and even more rebellious people have been regarded as terrorists. How do you define this ambiguous word? If they use all kinds of means to humiliate civilians and the weak, we can define them as terrorists. For those poor and helpless people who throw bricks and hold sticks against Israel, who can tolerate being shot at random as terrorists?!
Russia and China should put a stop to Israel's indiscriminate bombing of other countries if its master does not care about it. If there is any such behavior again, the long-range firing missiles will be sent directly to Israel. If it dares to fire one, it will return two. If it dares to fight back, it should be destroyed. The wind of global public opinion should not be blown by the West as it wishes.
If the United States takes the lead in setting up a NATO, it is certainly a good thing if it can really play a peaceful role.
Alas, what a pity to see what he has done? It often creates a tense atmosphere, the small countries are played around, Russia is not calm, is led by the United States to play bear beat dog. Even a pig can be president of the United States. The military-industrial complex and other capitalist groups control all of this. The president is also the muppet of capital, with a deep, pursed smile and no need to do anything.
If the earth is a big cake, each of us would take a bite, because we need to survive
How eager are we to rush up and bite hard when we see others swallow so much
Everyone just competes to see who eats more, and most of what they eat becomes unrecoverable excrement
Our human civilization is like this. What keeps widening is our mouth and sharper teeth
Once the small-scale peasant economy was self-sufficient, worked at sunrise and rested at sunset, and lived a hard-working and healthy life
Today's modern civilization allows our fangs to insert into the center of the earth and draw the blood of the earth mother
It's hundreds of millions of years of transportation and accumulation. It's sad that we can suck it up in oneortwo hundred years
If the progress of civilization is better than who has sharper teeth and greedy mouth, is it progress or retrogression
Year after year, the sun hangs high, and our mother has been carrying rich milk for us
If there were no human beings, what a big cake it would be. Every year, there are salivating fruits
The big cake that can expand constantly by itself is the fact that it has been ruined and drenched by human beings
Look at the increasingly extinct species, the uncontrolled exploitation, and the increasingly hot greenhouse in the sky
Whether human beings should reflect on whether, except for the meat torn from their mother, their ability to heal wounds should be better than
I don't know what the future of mankind will be like. If we continue to be unrestrained, maybe such a scenario
Perhaps, our long-term descendants, a mother is so gentle to hold her child
Talking about their ancestors and our stories, what kind of sigh and sigh is in her heart, and she want to stop talking
Hesitating whether to tell the suffocating darkness to your innocent baby
What a lovely child! he may feel the clue from the story. he looked at his mother and asked
Mom, how happy we are now. Although there are few things, we are happy to share them together
Before our earth was so good, so many trees, so many birds, why did we still fight
Readers, would you like me to sigh and feel ashamed as an ancestor
Why can't such wonderful sharing happen when we are rich? Why on earth?
The above is quoted from one of my poems, I have been thinking about how there could be a good solution to the disputes among various countries in the world. These two days, because of the fight between Russia and Ukraine, I suddenly had a flash of inspiration. I write it in the back and help you pass by to see whether it is reliable or not.
I dabble in a variety of things, but it is a pity that they are fur, do nothing in-depth, so I can not become expert.
Maybe this habit is related to my work, do the system, programming, all kinds of instrument equipment control and background operation and management, involved in some of the many, simple work I a person almighty stem, and do not like to rely on others, as long as there is electricity and network, I built the system can run.
Leaders sometimes say I have done everything, how to cooperate with others? However, I still feel that I need to cooperate with others in many areas. Although I can build a simple system by myself, if I want to do something deeper, I have a lot of knowledge gaps, or I just know a little about the field, I will do better if I cooperate with others in this part. If everyone is like a group of light, when people cooperate with each other, the joint light should be the sum of two people's light, and the joint light will be brighter.
This kind of cooperation is much better than the ordinary cooperation way of putting the glass ball in the box. There are always blind areas where the glass ball occupies. It is also better than the cooperation mode of pomegranate seeds tightly held together. Although there is no blind area, everyone is tight. It must be in order to cooperate with each other and not stretch, and the boundary at the junction is obviously not brighter.
The idea that a cluster of small light clusters with no blind spots would fill a large space, and that the junction of light clusters would be brighter, was always in the back of my mind. A eureka moment in solving world conflicts:
One of the biggest disputes between countries is territorial issues, why not jointly administer disputed territories? A clear border is a line, there is no problem, the disputed area is a piece of land, over which two countries will fight for years, such consumption and hatred is not worth the loss. If such disputed land can be jointly managed by the two countries through development zones, if the policies are well designed to attract the rich and elite of both countries to build and buy property in it, it must be a bright place between the two countries. If there were still animosities to be fought, the rich and elite who could influence the decisions of the country would be reluctant to stop such wars, and the joint construction of such a place would be like a big city or a big garden, where the people of both countries would like to linger and be friendly.
As for how to jointly manage and build, I throw a brick do not know whether it will attract a very good jade.
Whether the company is jointly established or the management committee is established, the two countries negotiate a 55 share of the tax of industries and services inside (if not, don't fight. In short, if you fight, the loss will be many times greater than what you can share). The rich who buy luxury houses inside can give them dual citizenship, but they should abide by the laws of the two countries, fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of the two countries, and of course, have the benefits of the two countries, but there should not be a legal blind spot turned into an extra-legal place for the privileges of the rich and elite...
Maybe the idea is ridiculous, I am not sure, so solemnly write out, passing by if feel ridiculous, just smile, if think really work, please continue to give some ideas, spread...

Translated from:北约集团的羊圈理论和世界和平的想法









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