The extension of the idea of world peace

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The method I mentioned in the NATO sheepfold theory and the idea of world peace, although I felt a little unsure and worried about it was a joke at first, after thinking it over, I found it quite feasible. Go on, and I hope someone can discuss it and put forward some defects and suggestions.
The dispute between the two countries development of land to the common management, abide by the laws of the two countries at the same time, to attract the rich to buy real estate, the former disputes where weapons and life become increasingly be can bring two national income, idea is beautiful, but how to manage and there will be a lot of new challenges, the subject to economic, legal and social aspects of experts to discuss.
There are benefits if done well:
From conflict to peace, there will now be taxes where weapons and lives are invested;
people of both countries can enter the dispute places. The brighter places, tourism, commerce, etc., will flourish.
If external forces instigate disputes between the two countries, they will not be able to use territorial disputes. If they persist, they will become public enemies of the two countries.
Original thought : using the benefits of dual citizenship to attract rich people to buy real estate and build, the main concern at the beginning of the dispute is that no one is willing to live and build on the land. Later, I realized that the places where people from both countries can enter must be brighter and more prosperous, so there is no need to attract people with dual nationality.
There is a kind of resistance to the dual nationality that is not available to the general public, and I feel that those who can get it are generally the elite and rich class. Management state is the elite, but policy must be to serve the general public, for those who are rich and the elite of dual nationality, if the law can be strictly forbidden to participate in decision-making and management of the country, those dual nationality's not influent, if not strictly forbidden, it is difficult to prevent foreign to this as a springboard and affect national decision-making. For example, in China, dual nationality is not recognized by law. Even if it is recognized later, participation in government management and decision-making should be prohibited. However, participation in political consultation is allowed so that the government can listen to the opinions and suggestions of various social groups.
China's policy is to serve all the people. Land belongs to the state and is not allowed to be privatized. It is hoped that such policy will always be strictly implemented. Privatization of land seems to be very common in the West, and they have rich experience in how to manage it. For those disputed lands between the two countries, if they are converted into co-managed development zones, I suggest that privatization management mode can be adopted. The residences bought by the rich can have land property rights, but land taxes and other taxes should be paid normally.
I think it will be more attractive for the rich to buy real estate and inherit it, just like the courtyards of landlords in ancient China. The people who live here have the motive force to protect themselves from the war on these disputed lands.
If the disputed land is large and the environment is good, it is forest and grassland, and it is a natural big park without excessive construction. If the environment is not good, we can build more things besides housing, not to mention supporting public services, but also museums, big scientific installations, big data centers and so on. All these will be conducive to mutual trust and exchanges between the two peoples in all fields. And the militaries of both countries will protect. The disputed land will be safer.
But one thing may be bad, more exchanges, the two countries marriage and reproduction, there will be a lot of mixed nationalities how to deal, the situation is more complicated, I will not go to think, there is more trouble, such as between Russia and China, or you can imagine there is any adjacent to China and Ukraine, Ukraine girl would prefer to marry a Chinese guy? So their young man become upset, Chinese people might get into trouble with, it will go against the friendly exchanges between the two countries, but in turn thought, the benefits of their lad into more Chinese culture, to be better, let the girls prefer not to go, must also have a lot of Chinese girls want to marry them.
But there is one big flaw and danger in this idea, which is that countries don't fight over disputed land, and the arms dealers are not happy, and the Jewish syndicates behind them are not happy, and the American government controlled by these syndicates is not happy, if USA is not happy, the world is in trouble. What can I do?
Ah, can't help but want to give them an idea again, arms merchant syndicate, they can enter insurance business, don't sell arms, collect some insurance premium, the world don't war, insurance premium all free profit!

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