Human beings are on the brink of destruction

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-- an analysis of the situation of the North Stream Pipeline being bombed

translated from 人类徘徊在毁灭边缘--暨北溪管道被炸局势分析
After reading the analysis of the situation in the above articles, I will talk about this topic from my perspective.
The bombing of Beixi Pipeline is not a terrorist act of a small terrorist group, but a state terrorist act planned and implemented by a state. This is like opening a Pandora's box. There is no longer any security for major engineering facilities that provide services for mankind.
If mankind does not condemn and punish such acts, the escalation of such hatred and revenge will inevitably lead to world war and the destruction of mankind.
Now the parties involved in the war can no longer negotiate on their own. China has always been concerned and called on all parties to sit down and not escalate. If we don't do more, we may wait until the time mentioned in "It's too late -- Muzhiye" when we are forced to choose a side because of the nuclear war or the flames of war in Asia. At that time, no matter which side we choose, all parties will turn against to us, and the country will be passive or even doomed.
The first article linked above imagines very well. From the perspective of China, the pattern of the next decade is very favorable to China. But my point of view is on the contrary. If the iron curtain falls between Russia and Europe, and there is irreparable hatred and future confrontation, just as the Second World War is the continuation of the First World War, the war will always be ignited again at some time in the future. If the whole world is not good, China cannot be alone.
If we can solve the possibility of another war in the future, China does not need such an international pattern that has great interests for ourself. There is no need for Russia, which is isolated by the world, to be unable to sell oil to Europe and forced to bind itself with China, although it is beneficial to China. Russia has the freedom to choose which to sell oil and gas. It is good for living in harmony with Europe and world peace, and also to China.
The second link mentioned that Poland may also be suspected. Whether Poland or the United States, if the situation is allowed to develop, it will inevitably lead to retaliation from Russia, either attacking the United States LNG fleet or attacking Polish territory, which will lead to a larger conflict.
It is an indisputable fact that the United States, in order to solve its own periodic domestic conflicts, has spared no effort to trigger wars around the world by taking advantage of the chaos of war to cut the world's leeks and suck the blood of people in countries that are already miserable in the world. More people should see it clearly, especially the European people. The former bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to hit the euro, this time Europe is a more tragic initiative to kill its own blood.
This is not enough. Maybe USA will also bring the war to Asia, expand NATO to Japan and South Korea, and even bind it with Taiwan?
NATO, the wolf colony organization led by the United States, can trigger wars in Europe just by relying on NATO's reins. In order to solve the problems of the wolves's leader itself, it should be seen clearly by European countries that it no longer cover up the killing of its followers.

What China can do with mouth:

  1. In recent years of global turmoil, the new crown epidemic may only warm up, and the new crown battle, which has made the world miserable, may only be a prelude. Continue to ask the world about the inside story of Debao. The United Nations can come to China to investigate, but why can't the United States? Is there any secret that can't be found by the world?
  2. Through the mediation of various parties, NATO will either disband or the United States will withdraw from NATO. The fact that the United States used NATO to control Europe and cause wars should let more Europeans know that NATO was established to prevent the Soviet Union from invading Europe. Is it necessary to exist now?
    Europe is a European Europe, and it should not be allowed to provoke wars through a rope. Americans hide far away from things, but get high prices for fuel and weapons. When did they really put their lives into helping Europe like in World War II?
    If it were not for the color revolution in Ukraine, would Russia beat its former brothers? Invading Europe is even more unthinkable.
    For Russia, it is hoped that the punishment of Ukraine can be stopped after the bites the four states, and that the war and revenge will not be escalated.
    For Ukraine, their people should be sober. How can they be treated as heroes when Zelensky, a puppet of the West, trapped the country in disaster and caused it to be divided between Russia and Poland? Just as the whole country regards the Nazis as a heroic reversal, such a betrayal of history and the common glory of crushing the Nazis with Russia will only doom the country!
    Let their people choose their own president and government. The United States and Europe can no longer intervene.
    Russia and Ukraine and other European countries should sit down and talk. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine can no longer expand.
  3. We call on Russia and Europe to cooperate to trace the perpetrators of the Beixi Pipeline and either compensate or punish them.

What China can do with legs:

  1. If requested by Russia and Europe, we can send engineering ships to repair the bombed pipeline as soon as possible, and give priority to repairing one of them, so that Russia's natural gas can be used in Europe this winter.
  2. The joint fleet of Russia and Europe should provide protection for Chinese engineering ships and jointly protect the safety of Beixi Pipeline. If there is any damage, Russia and Europe should share a common hatred for the enemy and should no longer oppose each other.

For the United States, all countries in the world can no longer allow him to trigger wars wantonly and can only swallow the bullet; We can no longer allow it cause global disaster because of its internal conflicts. If there are any difficulties, we can put forward them and see whether countries around the world can help. It would be unreasonable to rob and cut the leeks of an already overburdened country just for the bloody and greedy appetite of capital.









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