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果然,今天新闻证实了预感正确!当然,不坐游轮的美国游客美国法律还是禁止去古巴旅游做生意的,需等禁商禁运(trade and travel bans)法除去后~
Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Win Approval to Sail to Cuba--Update
12/7/16, 4:08 PM

WASHINGTON -- Two American cruise lines said Wednesday that they have received permission from the Cuban government to begin trips to Cuba next year, expanding the scope of business ties between the U.S. and its longtime adversary.

The announcements by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. come as the Obama administration is pushing for completion of a number of business deals in Cuba before President-elect Donald Trump takes office . The Obama administration sees such deals as key to making the diplomatic and commercial opening to the island permanent.

General Electric Co. and Alphabet Inc.'s Google unit, among other companies, are expected to make announcements in the coming weeks, officials have said. A third cruise line, Pearl Seas Cruises also is expected to obtain approval. Carnival Cruise Line began trips to the island earlier this year.

Royal Caribbean and Norwegian said the Cuba stops would comply with regulations enforced by the Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control and that the trips would involve activities that fall under the U.S. government's "people-to-people" exchange license.

"Our guests have expressed real interest in having the opportunity to experience Cuba, and we look forward to bringing them there," said Richard Fain, chairman and chief executive of Royal Caribbean. Royal Caribbean said it would announce additional details about the trips in the coming days.

Norwegian said all three of its cruise brands -- Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises -- will offer service to Cuba next year. Its first trip to Cuba will be in March.

Frank Del Rio, president and CEO of Norwegian, said that as a Cuban-American he was especially excited to start service to the island.

"This is truly a dream come true for me and I cannot wait for our loyal guests to experience the sights and sounds of my hometown of Havana," he said.

Regular tourist travel to Cuba remains prohibited in the U.S. and Congress must act to fully lift the trade and travel bans. Since announcing in 2014 that the U.S. would move to normalize ties, President Barack Obama has taken steps to loosen trade and allow for certain types of travel, prompting a flood of American travel to the island as well as a flurry of initial business deals. Commercial flights to the island began in September to smaller cities, and the first airline flights to Havana began last week.









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9 回复 法道济 2016-12-8 06:19
6 回复 法道济 2016-12-8 09:42
8 回复 ChineseInvest88 2016-12-8 10:15
法道济: 为什么要去古巴?这个旅游地有什么特殊的吗?美国人做梦都想去古巴吗?太过了吧?
10 回复 ChineseInvest88 2016-12-8 10:18
法道济: 好像去古巴旅行的禁令早被奥巴马解除了
Regular tourist travel to Cuba remains prohibited in the U.S. and Congress must act to fully lift the trade and travel bans。
10 回复 法道济 2016-12-8 10:41
ChineseInvest88: 不让去的地方都有吸引力。加勒比海许多国家比古巴远的都有游轮航线,就差古巴了。
9 回复 法道济 2016-12-8 10:50
ChineseInvest88: 欧8没有权力取消,要国会通过才行。现在还没取消呢~
Regular tourist travel to Cuba remains prohibited in the U.S. and Congress must act to fully lift th
12 回复 ChineseInvest88 2016-12-9 03:00


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