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6% of overall population are working or worked in their own business; 50% of business can operate more than 5 years; 30% of them can run more than 10 years. Less than 20% of startups are making hardware. 98.7% of consumer hardware startup are failed and 3% of overall hardware startup can be survived. If you are hardware startup entrepreneur how do you expect you could win against the statistics? [Note: some data are estimated by my personal experiences and fellow startups]. 

There are many articles on the web. A really good one: My personal point is that you need an absolute different mind to get succeeded. You are 1 of 10000 that means you are so different that you could take very radical decision in this extreme harsh and hostile environments to survive and thrive. Here are questions for you: How do you balance the opinion of your team who are not business-savvy?  How do you know you are making right decision and more correct than others? In what point you know you are stupid? How do you recover from your stupidity? 

Are you the one? And which one? 









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