NBA 放假,跟杜兰特到印度感受文化活力

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一位雷霆队的球迷给杜兰特留言,颇为缠绵悱恻,老杜也有所触动,破例答复,不忘旧时,但表明自己的家乡是马里兰州而非俄克拉荷马,现在为勇士效力,新家在  湾区(原帖见下)。视频里杜兰特在印度也表示希望再拿冠军奖杯。

俄城球迷:Dear Kevin Durant, (Thank you for responding too, bro!) I want you to read this whole letter because I want to connect to you. First, I want to congratulate you on your ring and Finals MVP award. As an OKC Thunder fan, I really miss you however. You were my favorite player, my childhood was watching the Thunder play. I watched your Thunderstruck movie 5 times. I really thought you were going to be here in OKC forever. I really thought you and Russell were going to be brothers forever. I pray to God that you read this and come back to Oklahoma City to play for us again one day. It may not seem like it, but deep down in our hearts, our Thunder fans miss you. You brought Oklahoma to fame. I realize how great of a guy you are for doing that. I tear up every day thinking about how close OKC was to an NBA Championship in 2012 and 2016. When you said you were going to Golden State, my heart broke. I didn't understand your decision. I thought OKC was your permanent home. I was mad and sad at the same time. Then when you won a championship, I couldn't decide if I wanted to be happy for you. Because you left your home. If you came back to Oklahoma City, I would be the happiest person in the world. Yeah, we got Paul George, but you can still fit right in. I bet you and Sam Presti could agree to a deal that would bring you back home. Your (2nd to) original fans would be back. Your original friends would be back. YOU would be back. I just don't see you in a Warriors jersey, man. You belong in an Oklahoma City jersey. To end this letter, I just have to say that I hope you still have Oklahoma City in your heart, because I still have you in my heart. We're brothers. Thank you for reading this, Kevin Durant. Have a great season!

凯文 杜兰特:
Jacob Tiller oh my man I appreciate the message. The 405 gonna be in my blood forever, nothing gonna change that. My home is in Maryland and my new home is in the bay. Thanks for the support


甲:Westbrook is better than you that just fax
乙:hahahaahah I Live in Monte Carlo bruh, and it's okey to hate him but please dont say those nonsense please Westbrook better then KD come on man. let's wait and see westbrook this season
甲:oj oj I'm tryna make kd reply to me
丙:Matthew Modile you cant spell right thats just facts
丁:Matthew Modile really cuz I'm wondering what ur English teacher taught u. Do u need a ride back to kindergarten?
甲:Shut up nobody spells facts like that anymore this 2017









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