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This job including three parts:  Customer service; Assist sale representatives, merchandise and operation departments.

This job is very depressed and complicated. We have over 500 customers. There are so many things to learn quickly. I am a little careless. I am freshman and have not enough experience to handle some tough things.  I tried to learn more. Hope It will become better.

Some cases can make us understand my job.

One customer called in, ’I want to add on one case chocolate ice cream.”

I typed Ice Cream hot key to check his order history. I found only ice cream vanilla only. I asked him if he ordered this item before.

“You are new?! I don’t want to order now!”

Late I found my mistake. We have two kinds of ice cream, one is regular and another one is for ice cream machine, which calls soft serve.

One customer called in, ‘I am looking for ***” I changed his call to *** extension. *** called me back and told me the customer was not his customer.

“I want to order two cases of nitrile gloves.”

“Sorry, mam. The gloves order is a special order. You should order before 3pm. You can not order this time.”

“I always can get this item after 3p.m. Please give me this time.”

“Sorry, mam. I can type your order this time and you pick up tomorrow around 10:15a.m.”

“I am out of gloves now. How can I do?”










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