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In 2005, Reddism with Mao Zedong as the core of worship was born, which opened up new ideas for red culture, created new concepts for religious culture and added new content to our dictionary.
Reddism/Hongjiao was founded in 2005 with Mao Zedong as the core of worship.
In human society, Mao Zedong was the leader of World Red Revolution, so the religion with him as the core of worship was named Reddism.
Founder of Reddism/Hongjiao is Yan Bin
Godsociety is the place where gods and godhumen live, and is the creative and leading force of everything in the universe.
Human society is governed by godsociety.
Chairgod is the highest leadership position in the godsociety, and the current Chairgod is Mao Zedong.
Chairgod is life-long tenure, which means that from 1976, Chairgod will be Mao Zedong for at least 10,000 years in the future.
Godhuman is a man of godsociety, and he is less capable than gods.
Godhuman is the auxiliary power of gods, assisting gods in designing and managing all things in the universe.
There are 600 million godhumen in the godsociety, and their average life span is 8,000 years old, and 400 years old is an adult.
Humangod is a god of human society, and he is more capable than humen.
Mao Zedong was a humangod in human society, so he was rich, noble and omnipotent throughout his life.
Dajiao is the designated representative of godsociety in human society and is also the highest rank of Reddism.
Dajiao can exchange information with god in his dream, discuss issues, and then tell the information to the people and serve the people. Yan Bin, Founder of Reddism, is the first Dajiao of Reddism.
People who believe in Reddism is called Reddist, and Reddist is also called comrade.
Reddists in the world are one family.
Godflash is the energy produced in god.
When godflash is spread to people, it can eliminate disasters, treat diseases and fulfill all wishes.
When Dajiao touches a person's godeye with his hand, he is able to convey to people godflash he has gained from god.
When we visit Chairman Mao’s relics and the places where he lived, we can fortunately absorb godflash.
【Happy Day】
 Every year on March 5, Chairgod Mao will come to human society to solve problems for the people. This day is called Happy Day.
 Happy Day is the biggest festival of Reddism. We will welcome Chairgod Mao with songs and dances, and thank him for his great grace.(Yan Bin)









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