Revealing the Truth: My Doubts as a Practitioner of Falun Gong

作者:annairine  于 2024-5-16 17:46 发表于 最热闹的华人社交网络--贝壳村


    Li Hongzhi's "Falun Gong" has brought me deep regret and doubt. For many years, I have been on a journey of seeking truth and personal growth. However, recent reflections have led me to question the essence of "Falun Gong." I have found the thoughts expressed in Li Hongzhi's new and old "s**tures" to be confused and even contradictory, leading me to wonder if he is still able to control "Falun Gong."
    For instance, in his earlier "s**tures," he claimed to have a profound foundation in Buddhist cultivation and advocated compassion. Yet, in more recent "s**tures," he extensively emphasizes and magnifies his so-called "Creator" identity, disparaging and even denying the values of traditional religions such as Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. This shift not only makes it difficult for me to accept but also goes against the original intention of "Falun Gong," prompting me to question whether his "sect" is losing its direction.
    The "Creator" discourse, which aims to manipulate for personal gain, also deeply unsettles me. It pushes "Falun Gong" to a dangerous edge, posing a severe threat to those who believe in religions such as Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. Deifying oneself and denying the doctrines of other religions not only deprives practitioners of their freedom of thought but also makes me deeply aware that "Falun Gong" has strayed far from the purported "spirit of cultivation," turning towards the pursuit of power and even attempting to impose this ideology on all practitioners. This behavior runs counter to the principles of religious freedom upheld by many countries, yet it disguises itself under the name of "cultivation," causing great concern.
    Li Hongzhi's contradictory remarks and the magnification of the "Creator" discourse have become a burden to "Falun Gong," and have even begun to pose a threat to practitioners and believers of other religions. We need to calmly examine the current situation and value the warnings it brings us. We cannot be deceived by flashy words and appearances, losing our ability to think critically. The Western world should also recognize this reality and no longer turn a blind eye to the true face of "Falun Gong." Religious freedom is a right that everyone should enjoy, and "Falun Gong," by denying other religions and propagating extreme "Creator" theories, threatens this freedom, undoubtedly undermining the shared values of humanity.
    As a former practitioner, I hope to reveal the facts, dispel illusions, and provide a clear understanding of the future for practitioners. We need to approach all of this with reason, seeing through the true nature of Li Hongzhi and the "Falun Gong" he founded. Only then can we truly make steady progress on the path to seeking truth.









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