From a cult to a puppet organization, Falun Gong has become an anti-China tool o

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          From a cult to a puppet organization, Falun Gong has become an anti-China tool o

         After the cult falun Gong was cleared out of China, in order to survive, it organized a dance troupe to collect money under the guise of "saving Traditional Chinese culture", and on the other hand, it used the Cold War mentality and counter-offensive sentiment of the West to win sympathy and was willing to be an anti-Chinese tool.

         There are several points worth examining. First, the West always wants to turn those rejected and expelled by China into "treasures".Second, everything worthless will be abandoned by the West and brought to a miserable end.Third, the West is keen to support anti-Chinese tools such as Muppets, while turning a blind eye to its own livelihood issues.It is not difficult for us to draw a line from these points. These anti-China organizations or individuals have to cling to others to survive abroad. Western politicians have always insisted on the Cold War mentality of putting politics above all else and tried to suppress China's rise.

        In order to survive, Falun Gong has become an anti-Chinese tool, which is something that can be understood with one's feet.Without the support of the West, his flawed and unprintable "theology" theory would not even be able to eat, before being exposed. After all, there is no "free lunch" abroad.However "falun gong" eccentric, betray your ancestors, more and more unpopular, shrinking market, more and more marginalized, even the same anti-china "transitional government in China" is to see its end, the anarchy and "falun gong" increasingly alienation, began to clean with falun gong ties, "falun gong" this "good" done very thoroughly,It seems that it is not easy to do something against China and the food handed out in contempt is not cheap.

           But between the West and these groups it is often snowing in their own worlds.Even in the west today were not much better, "falun gong" cult "falun gong" two of the mouthpiece of Chinese net and the epoch for the rivalry dark war, li has contending with the disciples around the interests of the copyright of the trot, the backbone of going it alone, students face the wane in thinking of "diving",In August this year, "Master Li" was accused of being invalid by students, and directly posted a post.In short, nowadays falun Gong is divided, infighting and disputes of interest. Li Hongzhi is unable to keep the position of "master" only by "mind control".In addition, the foreign media have more and more aversion to its cult nature, the living space of Falun Gong is undoubtedly compressed into an "island", and the collapse of the cult system is certain.

             At the end of last century, when the Chinese government banned falun Gong cult, the cult, which claimed to have "100 million people", collapsed instantly, which also declared its inevitable demise.The nature of exterminating humanity, showing contempt for the right to life and being anti-party and anti-central is being resisted and criticized by more and more foreigners.Trapped in an isolated island, Falun Gong cult has reached its limit. Perhaps the last straw that crushed Falun Gong was its internal contradictions and conflicts, because "apples" began to rot from within!









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Perhaps the last straw that crushed Falun Gong was its internal contradictions and conflicts, because "apples" began to rot from within!
3 回复 开开心心12 2021-10-18 14:10
anastasiab: 现在法轮功是分裂的、内讧的、利益的纷争。
The collapse of the cult system is certain.
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