Dafa master's ability to panic

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Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong, published three lections on the Internet: "Also stick drinking", "Stick drinking again" and "Vigorous drinking", which span a long time but are closely related.In addition to his response to the organization's internal "restless", students "disobedient", "evil understanding", in fact, more reflects his ability to panic.

On October 11, 2004, he issued a "sutra", "a sutra for those who do not live up to their standards and walk to the edge of danger".On July 5, 2020, Li Hongzhi published the lection of "Beating and drinking again" in response to falun Gong students' persistent "inquietness". Li Hongzhi said, "From the current situation, master has to say a few words to calm down", "In these years, there have been spies disguised as students, lurking in the identity of students.These men will rise in due time and do what they must do."On August 31, 2021, Li Hongzhi said in the lection of "Drinking hard" that "most of these people cause disorder among the students".This was a challenge to master's authority and leadership, and there would be serious trouble if it was not done properly. Therefore, Li Hongzhi repeatedly said, "Master has to say a few words to calm down."

It's not hard to see how panic manifests itself in three main ways:

First, authority is questioned.Li Hongzhi faced an important problem without authority.This question existed when the banned falun gong in China, only then the management still dare to anger can't speak, but to have aggressive, aggressive has been complaining, because of the support of anti-china forces, the default what he had done, but from the "bang" also "s**ture, can't see this question, the paper said," those who research method, form a circle,Complaining and saying strange things to each other, and even spreading rumors at home and abroad, are helping the evil in persecution. "The passage of" Rebashing "clearly shows the shift in the wind, mainly related to the trump term.During trump's term of office, he chose to directly provoke confrontation with China and was not interested in Falun Gong and other "slow tools" to smear China, which marginalized Falun Gong, which caused Li Hongzhi the most headache."Falun gong" organizations in the United States should be is survive in the cracks, the past four years in accordance with the theory of "America first" trump, the struggle against from the economy, the outbreak, steering ideology, but for "falun gong" organizations are not sold, so the period of Joe biden, the support li has not directly turn around, still call trump,Mh network dedicated column "2020 U.S. election", as its last review the emperor life talent Human difficult violations, "said" now people (trump) wants to American society reformed to an orthodox society, let people to get back to the worship of god, lead the people to fear god, it was in the American left extremists resisting, these scum is for free,To destroy America and mankind for the sake of desire."Its attitude is obvious.Li Hongzhi released a poem "General Election" on November 8, 2020. "The red devil is in chaos under the bright and bright universe, the great country is suffering from corruption, and the people around the society are cold. When will justice and conscience return?"It seems to be taking China as an issue, but it actually implies his stance on the US presidential election.On May 15, he said he simply took it down by improper means and still felt unfair to the U.S. election.However, he made a wrong choice and there was no turning back, which was also seen and remembered by some of his disciples.

Second, it does not adapt to the new media era."Falun gong" students don't listen to your words, not learn "method", "abracadabra" in the media, li has said in the "bang", from time to time will jump out of a few so-called "merit", created a lot of students in "wave", interfere with the master by the "road" for you, seriously interfere with the teachings of uniting the road.In the lection of "Heavy Drinking", Li Hongzhi revealed that "people talk nonsense with their hearts and seriously destroy dafa disciples to save people", and "these people often turn their persistence into dissatisfaction and find someone to vent".That is to say, some students have "fluctuation", sabotage, vent their dissatisfaction, "nonsense" on the we-media, do not listen to master's "words", do not follow master's arrangement, do not learn master's "dharma", do not have authority to teach dharma, do not "cultivate", not to improve.Li Hongzhi knew that if the students did not believe their own ideas and listened to "we media" and "others", where would Falun Gong go?So Li Hongzhi played the "stick and drink" card one after another, saying "put down your dissatisfaction and watch your mouth", and once again sternly warned those who "talk nonsense" and do not believe in themselves on we media.

If there is just a warning, essence is li has met the development bottleneck, he does not understand the spread of the Internet age, he could not choose like "almighty god" computer group activities, he would think that the network will be broken his good deed, use CD spread in the past, he gave up, using the Internet research method, he gave up, now since the media, he also gave up, why,He doesn't have the drive.Although it has been supported by Minghui network, New Tang People, etc., don't forget that it is supported by the Technical team of the United States, and the real network communication, he is far from, he does not have guo Wengui's ability to broadcast, nor does zhao Weishan's level of film, naturally this is another aspect of his panic.

Thirdly, Falun Gong's principle of "truth, kindness and tolerance" has been challenged.In his "Drinking article", li Hongzhi mentioned "some people", "evil enlightenment" and "the shame of being in the company of demons", which was something that Li Hongzhi had never expected. It happened unexpectedly in Falun Gong and was even publicized to the whole world, saying "true kindness and tolerance".

Li Hongzhi said, "Some people have publicized the contradictions in dafa cultivation on social websites."It is to publicize the "disorder of law" and "contradiction" in Falun Gong organization, so as to spread discontent around the world and make it known to the whole world.In order to "put out the fire", Li Hongzhi hurriedly threw out the new s**ture "drink violently" to "deter", which was not "true and good tolerance". When he could not bear it, the master himself started to use it.In the lection of Li Hongzhi, he complained that "these people often turn their mental persistence into dissatisfaction and find someone to vent.At the same time, he criticized "not taking warning, correcting past wrongs and finding shortcomings, but setting up we-media and making nonsense with the hearts of the people". In addition, he also reviled "the shame of these people being evil and associating with demons" in extremely severe terms.It can be seen that the internal contradictions of Falun Gong have reached the point of irreconcilable confrontation, and it is not difficult to see that Li Hongzhi and his former "merit friend" have developed into enmity.At the same time, in order to save face and highlight toughness, Li Hongzhi completely tore off the veil of "truth, kindness and tolerance", and began to "suppress" those behaviors that "do not comply with dafa" with despicable means.

One dafa disciple joked that he would not let us learn online.He said: if the time does not wait for Li Hongzhi, this master may live only 30 years, if the network does not wait for Li Hongzhi, this master may live only three years!









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