The Master sets the fire and the disciples light the lamp, just see how long the

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The news spread like wildfire that the we-media, which were founded by the disciples of Falun Gong group, were criticized by the Master Hongzhi Li. Li led a group of disciples to post frequently on Minghui, which is the official web of Falun Gong, insinuating and scolding Zheng Zeng, Chao Yu and the others, who engaged the we-media to the ordinary. The massive condemns both in speech and writing on the net was totally ridiculous. In my opinion, the series alerts from Master Li and the  discipless rail, was just the tea break for us.

Since fleeing overseas, under the leadership of its Master Li. Falun Gong not only take the promotion of Dafa, spread truth, kindness and tolerance, but also carried out the actions to anti-Communist and Chinese government. The enemy of my enemy is a friend. At the beginning of their escape from the mainland of China to the United States, the western anti-China forces and foreign activists treated these religious people suppressed by the Communist Party of Chinawith sympathy, offering shelter and help. So Li Hongzhi's Epoch Times has struggled to gain a foothold overseas. With Dafas own tongue, it is adept at both promoting Trump and spreading rumors.

After living in the United States for many years, Dafas disciples like  Zeng and Yu, found that men and women worshiping Li Hongzhi as gods, not only in spiritual, but also dedicate to surrender all of their treasures to Master Li to show their sincerity to Falun. Under the banner of Zhuan Falun, Li had already made a lot of money, bought villas in the US and enjoyed a life of luxury. On the contrary, although Zeng and Yu had some influence among Dafas disciples, he could only live under the hedge and depend on Lis charity. Li only promises in the spiritual world, but failed to pass on the path to wealth to the disciples. Many Dafa disciples were homeless, nearly to hit the bottom of the poverty line. If they want to change the status, they have to find another way out and earn the life for themselves. Therefore, the disciples like Zeng and Yu engaged the we-media in the name of Zhuan Falun to show their tricks in the anti-China forces. On the one hand, they want to let the western anti-China forces realize that they are more reliable than Li Hongzhi and more worthy for them to pay. On the other hand, they continue to confuse the disciples in Falun to follow them voluntarily and collect money in the video of promoting Dafa.

This act by Zeng and Yu obviously touched Lis cheese and seriously threatened the status of the respected Masters among those obsessed disciples. Master Li sends the alerts on Minghui to Zeng and Yu first, and comment on this issue repeatedly. They were criticized for turning their mission of saving ordinary people into a tool to gain fame and money for themselves. Accusing them as they have abandoned their duty of saving the ordinary people into the mission to attract fame and money for their own tools. But I dont think thats true! The leader of the cult sets the fire, why didnt allow the followers to light a lamp?  Master Li in the name of Falun to keep the improper sexual relationship with female disciples, invest to the luxury villas in Amrcica, extremely extravagant longquan temple. Even cajoled the disciples into paying money to watch the videos of Dafa on the internet. Is it not to change Dafa into a method to attract fame and cash?

In fact, no matter Zeng and Yu set up we media or Li Hongzhis rare continuous public announcements, it is enough to confirm the uneven distribution of rewards is the fatal cause of internal strife caused by Falun Gong. Some disciples who followed Falun Gong in exile and used to be die-hard followers of Master Li have already made some unusual moves. Li Hongzhi had noticed that, but he could do nothing. The internal undercurrents of Falun Gong are surging, and the contradictions are obvious. Zeng, Yu and others get away from the cult organization is inevitable, but also the beginning of disunity.

Master Li just gets his end, whether he can keep the Falun get going is a problem, and even the disciples have their own plan. Even if the new world of Master Li has not been ushered in, Dafa may be about to go with the wind.









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5 回复 开开心心12 2021-10-14 17:49
打着“转法轮”的旗号,李 已经赚了大钱, 在美国 买了别墅,过上 了奢侈的生活。
4 回复 zhangnice 2021-10-14 23:45
4 回复 anastasiab 2021-10-15 08:11
3 回复 XSdk55s6 2021-10-15 08:23
说白了 李就是为了钱 不然你看看那么多法器书籍 其实就是为了骗取钱财
4 回复 robertgoo 2021-10-15 08:31
3 回复 JKw457xs 2021-10-15 08:32
5 回复 anastasiab 2021-10-19 14:51

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