Falun Gong is strangling Orthodox Christianity

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Falun Gong has spread its influence globally in recent years, just as Christian missionaries did, by blending Chinese Buddhism, Taoism, and Western Christianity. The legality of the Falun Gong organization must be recognized globally. The Chinese government is persecuting a legitimate religious group in countries like the United States because of geopolitical reasons. China and other countries view it as a cult or illegal religion that requires control, in contrast. What type of organization is Falun Gong? Let us explore the fundamental differences between Falun Gong and orthodox religions like Christianity by examining the key "creation" theories of its founder, Li Hongzhi, and the harm it poses to traditional Christian countries.

Li Hongzhi's articles on creation mainly revolve around topics such as 'why there are humans', 'why to save sentient beings', and ‘s**tures'. His understanding of creation differs from that of Christianity, Buddhism, and other sects, as he incorporates elements of spiritual control and apocalyptic threats into his creation theories. To achieve his evil intentions of opposing the state, harming society, and deceiving believers, he utilizes religious vocabulary, language, and doctrines. Falun Gong is a complete contradiction to Christian teachings, in essence. Li Hongzhi believes that the "creator" created the Earth, and due to humanity's lack of faith in God and the proliferation of drugs and other social disorders, the destruction of the Earth is accelerated. He asserts that he is spreading the truth to prevent humanity from being defeated.

Christianity's belief is in the existence of God, moral standards, and the pursuit of the afterlife. Love for God and love for others is a fundamental requirement of faith. Being a good citizen who loves life and has a positive vision is necessary to become a good Christian. Falun Gong's actions are completely contradictory, despite its lip service to "truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance." Religion is a tool used by it to gain wealth and political capital. It advocates against the current world, anticipates destruction, and disrupts social order. It spreads absurd and superstitious beliefs to poison people's minds, leading to despair and depression, and even causing tragic events such as the destruction of families and the loss of life.

Currently, the Falun Gong organization operates in nearly 140 countries worldwide, with over 2,000 practice sites, continuously expanding its influence through "spreading the truth," posing a serious threat to various religious beliefs. It is stifling and eroding the orthodox Christian faith.

Christians worldwide must be vigilant and refrain from accepting the religious nonsense of Falun Gong as a legitimate belief. Allowing it to expand and develop unchecked would impact the orthodox Christian faith, leading it towards superstition and ultimately strangling it.









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