真正解决经济问题需要全球一体 To solve economic problem fundamantally, the world

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真正解决经济问题需要全球一体 To solve economic problem fundamantally, the world is ONE political system


在《和平的经济后果》(The Economic Consequences of the Peace)一书中,约翰.梅纳德凯恩斯(John Maynard Keynes)断言了经济的首要地位,并评论道:“未来的危险不在于边境和主权,而在于食物、煤炭和运输”。他呼吁推出强有力的政策以促进共同繁荣和合作,却无人理睬,这导致了灾难性的后果。如今,未来的风险与中国崛起以及商业和经济领域紧密相关。让我们希望,我们能够发现妥善处理它们的智慧。 以及看了刘鹤的文章  


In “The Economic Consequences of the Peace”, John Maynard Keynes asserts the primacy of the economy and commented: "The danger of the future lies not in the border and Sovereignty, but food, coal and transportation." He called for a strong policy to promote common prosperity and cooperation, but it was ignored, which led to disastrous consequences. Today, the risks of the future are closely related to the rise of China and the business and economic sectors. Let us hope that we can find the wisdom to deal with them properly. 

我不懂经济,胡扯几句. 全球的市场, 不是无限大的, 也是相连的. 中国的成功, 是充分发挥政府的政治集权优势, 配合优化科学合理的经济政策的结果. 但是在国际上, 由于国家主权的平等及不可侵犯, 既使国际金融资本后面有超级政治力量, 但是, 还是要经过各国政府部门才能行施. 而且, 没有一个, 没有更高层次的国际组织来以全球为目标, 超越国家, 分析现状, 全方位地设计全球的经济发展策略. 没有现存的理论来对更深层的, 超大规模不同形式市场的描述和管控, 就象当今中国政府对本地区所做的那样. 要真正解决经济的问题,除非全球是一个政体,在现如今的条件下,不可能也不现实.


I don't understand the economy, I know a few words. The global market is not infinite, but also connected. China's success is to give full play to the government's political centralization advantage, in line with the optimization of scientific and rational economic policies. But internationally, because of the equality and inviolability of national sovereignty, even if there is super-political power behind international financial capital, it still has to go through the government departments of all countries. Moreover, there is no higher-level international organization to target at the whole worldbeyond the state boundaries, analyze the realitystatus, and design the global economic development strategy in all aspects. There is no existing theory to describe and control the deeper, ultra-large-scale different forms of the market, as Chinese government has done to their regions today. Solving the economic problem fundamentally, unless the world is ONE political systemUnder the current conditions, it is impossible and unrealistic.

所以,虽然强权有覆盖全球的军事系统,但是在设计金融产品时,对全球经济环境还是了解有限理所当然地更多考虑了自身利益而把外市场当作可以无限接纳的空间. 同样原因由于了解有限当别国购买下手金融产品无从诂量风险后果. 就象中国买二房产品. 还有某国设计金融产品就是为了不负责任坑害别人的. 美国人的眼光是以意识形态和短浅快速遂利为目的的不会全盘客观考虑的. 但这世界是圆的.


Therefore, although the super power has military system covering the whole world, when designing financial products, there is still limited understanding of the global economic environment, and of course, more consideration is of its own interests, and treat external market as a space that can have infinitely capacity. For the same reason, Because of the limited understanding, when other countries buy financial products, there is no way to evaluate riskjust like China buys second-hand housing products. Also, a country designs financial products in order to irresponsibly harm others. The American vision is based on consciousness. The purpose of shape and shortness is quick and profitable, and it will not be considered objectively. But the world is round.

供需到稳定时是有一定的比例的, 的. 当有破性技术出现, 就要合理大规模整合市场经济发展时它的线上升. 因为没有合理追踪手段, 如果盲目跟随上升曲线或者经济状况是根本没有这个上升的基础创造不了那么多价值那就是危机的根源. 社会有不同的需求而每个产品有不同的使用期比如说吃饭一顿就消化没了, 还要下一顿补充能量. 衣服可能要穿好几年而建公路可能用上一世纪. 所以需求频度是不同的. 而将所有这些在某一时段相加那就是需求就是市场. 经济发展期正是需求量集中期象春运对交通流量的需求, 比如过去几十年全球对低价必需品的需求. 

When stable there is a certain proportion of supply and demand, it is balanced. When there is a breakthrough technology, it is necessary to rationally integrate the market on a large scale. When economy develops, its curve rises. Because there is no reasonable means of tracking, if blindly follow the rising curve, or economic situation has no basis for this rise at allit can't create so much values to support, that is the root of the crisis. Society has different needs, and each product has different usage periods, for example, eating, one meal is gone after digestion , you have to replenish the energy. The clothes could be worn for several years, and the road may be built last for centuries. So the frequencies of demands are different. And adding all these needs at a certain time, that is the market. The period of economic development is precisely the period of demand concentration, like the traffic flow demand during the Spring Festival, such as the global demand for low-cost necessities in the past few decades.


但是市场是有限的,而且要回归比例平衡,还有安静享用期.如果有有效的对经济和市场的监管手段,有对各国的行政力进行合理应用的可能,危机就不会象滚雪球增大,因为你有了数据,也有应对的理论和策略. 你看,我又在兜售我的全球经济大数据管控理论和梦想了!看你们的文件中,好象心中还不大清楚的,有想避免什么的感觉. 虽然国家主权的政府权力是独立的,但是经济是联通的. 如果别人是百分之三的增长率,最后你也可能是那样的.有没有可能通过沟通向他们描绘优化经济的宏图?是不是有可能大家设计一个超越国家主权的优化全球经济的road map? 然后一步一步的实现?战争是没有活路的选择!最难的是说服别人换一个角度看世界!

However, the market is limited, and it is necessary to return to the balance of proportions, as well as a quiet period of enjoyment. If there is an effective means of monitoring the economy and the market, and there is a possibility of rational application of the administrative power of each country, the crisis will not increase like snowballing. Because you have the data, there are also theories and strategies to deal with it. You see, I am selling my global economic big data control theory and dreams! Read your documents, as if the ideas are still not clear, there is a feeling of  avoidance. Although the government power of each state sovereignty is independent, but the global economy is Unicom. If others have three percent growth rate, finally you may have have the same rate. Is it possible to communicate to them to optimize the economics? Is it possible to design a road map that optimizes the global economy beyond national sovereignty? Then implement it step by step? War is the choice for no choice! The hardest part is to convince others to look at the world from a different angle!









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