Is Falun Dafa about to take the new helm?

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Fugitive Falun Gong leader Li Hongzhi painstakingly operated the Falun Building, after more than a decade of wind and rain, has been the afterglow of the sunset, the light is no longer. Ye Hao, known as the "Second Master" by his disciples, has white hair, into the twilight years, as if grass and wood, will be on the line. And the backbone of exile overseas, now, old, dead, drug-taking, sentencing.

In such a miserable situation underground, Li Hongzhi with the age of increase, the body is also much worse than before, according to people familiar with the situation said that before the law session, often standing to preach for a few hours, no one like, now also want to "eat full ginseng", and after half a day to slow down. As Master Li's health fades and ages, the succession of Falun Dafa is increasingly on the agenda.

    In the early years, Li Hongzhi had intended to let his daughter Li Meige inherit his clothes. At the age of 26, Li Hongzhi appointed him deputy head of the "Shen Yun New York Art Group", known as the "world's first regiment" and "the world's top show", which attracted the envy of many believers. In giving people therapy, but also often put Li Meige around, said she went to heaven court, there is something Li Hongzhi also want to "ask" Li Meige, and even said Li Meige is his master, in fact, Li Meige sitting there did not say anything, but Li Hongzhi put his ears together to pretend to listen to the look. But Li Meige since the beginning of college, early used to the Days of the American Flower World, more and more interested in his father's Falun Gong, Li Hongzhi had no choice but to choose someone else.

The second person to be seen is Li Hongzhi's brother Li Donghui. Li Donghui ran to Thailand in 1998 to do business, and then because of the financial crisis business is not good to do, had to go to the United States to run for his brother, became the president of the Buddhist Society. But over time, over time, the control of the strong Li Hongzhi and Li Donghui also occasionally out of unhappy, Li Donghui think Li Hongzhi too strict, interfere with the Buddha learned too much, the contradiction between the two people constantly. At the beginning of this year, Li Hongzhi side of the unknown, had proposed to let Li Donghui take over, was li Hongzhi scolded back.

  Li Hongzhi had to hit the abacus on his future son-in-law. Who can be the son-in-law of the "Lord Buddha" and who will become the heir to falun law? When Li Meige was at Northwestern University, he had a friend with a boy named Rong Yifu. Li Hongzhi heard that his daughter will have a home, the successor will have a fall, naturally very happy, he encouraged his daughter to persuade the future son-in-law to practice the Law, in order to arrange for him in the Falun Gong institutions a position. Unexpectedly, this kindness was top of back, Rong not only said it is impossible to join Falun Gong, in turn, has been advised Li Meige can also believe in God, otherwise marriage may be difficult to get parental consent. And Rongjia old people look forward to the future daughter-in-law is also a Christian, did not expect the son actually found a Falun Gong founder's daughter, very dissatisfied, do not agree with his son's family affair.

The former leader has been hanging old, but the successor is suffering, people can not help but ask: turn the Falun, turn to where?











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