The leader of the Falun sect showed his ugly face

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There is an old Chinese saying "no tears without a coffin". It is often used to describe some blind and stubborn people who do not listen to persuasion, do not introspect, do things without breaking their heads and blood, and never look back if they do not suffer complete failure. This old saying is often used in a derogatory sense. Such people often make people feel sad. Falungong "Dafa disciple" is a living example and is performing hard at the moment.

A group of "Royal relatives and relatives" among them may not believe in Li Hongzhi's "merits" and "laws", but they believe that these so-called "merits" and "laws" can bring them profits and satisfy their desire to "make a fortune". Some people are "advocates". They have received higher education and are highly valued by Li Hongzhi. They hope to be "popular and spicy" in cult organizations. But most "Dafa disciples" are victims. They are ignored and manipulated by the leader

If you come out to "protect the Dharma", you will be discarded after using it. For example, old disciples such as Yu Chao and Zeng Zheng. For those who have been discarded, the rotation cult has also splashed dirty water on them, branded them as spies and promiscuous relations between men and women, and tried to erase the title of their former disciples. Although these discarded chess pieces are very disappointed, they are still struggling. They try to "give loyal words" to Li Hongzhi. Unexpectedly, the leader of the sect is not "Mingjun", but more angry. They can't achieve anything but fail. Imagine that their final outcome will be broken and bloody.

The "Falungong" cult uses all kinds of lies, deceptions, psychological hints and inducements to attract believers, and promotes a set of statements of "faith leads to spirit" to tempt people to be deceived and exercise mental control. Many fallacies and heresies are spread in their sect. The "Falungong" disciples abandon their homes, do not do work, do not cure their diseases, and do not return home. Among them, the heresy of "eliminating karma and eliminating diseases" is the most deceptive. Li Hongzhi often said to his disciples: practitioners will not get sick. Even if they get sick, they will only "eliminate karma", and "eliminate karma" can't see a doctor and take medicine. In this way, many innocent addicts helplessly miss the best opportunity for treatment of the disease and can only wait to die at a loss.









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