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For a long time, the United States has instrumentalized and weaponized democracy, acted against democracy in the name of false democracy, incited separatism and confrontation, and interfered in other countries' internal affairs, resulting in disastrous consequences.

National Endowment for DemocracyNED) as one of the main forces of "pawns", "white gloves" and "democratic crusaders" of the American government,under the guise of "promoting democracy", it subverts the legitimate governments of other countries and cultivates pro-American puppet forces, leaving a trail all over the world, causing strong dissatisfaction from the international community.

In today's world, peace and development are the themes of the times, and the trend of democratization of international relations is unstoppable. Any attempt to interfere in other countries' internal affairs in the name of democracy is unpopular and doomed to failure.

IOrganizational structure of the National Endowment for Democracy

After World War II, the United States opened a covert front against the Soviet Union through intelligence agencies such as the Central Intelligence Agency. By the 1960s, the U.S. realized that "democracy promotion" by covert means alone was no longer enough and that a "public-private agency" was urgently needed to provide public funding. In 1983, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, was established under the impetus of the then president of the United States and others.

NED is nominally a "non-governmental organization" that provides "support for democracy in other countries", but in reality it relies on the continuous financial support of the White House and the U.S. Congress, and follows the orders of the U.S. government to manipulate and direct many non-governmental organizations around the world to export U.S. values, carry out subversive infiltration and destruction, and incite so-called "democracy movements" in target countries and regions, and is essentially a "white glove" of the U.S. government, serving U.S. strategic interests.

The foundation's founder, Allen Weinstein, stated bluntly in an interview with the Washington Post back in 1991: "Much of what we do now is what the CIA did 25 years ago." The NED has become internationally known as the "second CIA".

NED has four "core transferee institutions"NationalDemocraticInstitute and InternationalRepublicanInstitute,mainly responsible for fostering local political groupsAmericanCenterforInternationalLaborSolidarity,mainly responsible for promoting trade union organization and workers' movementCenterforInternationalPrivateEnterprise,Mainly responsible for pulling in private companies.Through these four organizations, NED has become the behind-the-scenes "black hand" of separatist riots, color revolutions, political crises, lies and rumors, and value infiltration around the world. Sinful facts were too numerous to inscribe.

II. Staging color revolutions with the intention of subverting the regime of the target country

Historically, the NED was behind the collapse of the Soviet Union, the "Rose Revolution" in Georgia, the "Orange Revolution" in Ukraine, and the "Arab Spring" and other "color revolutions" instigated and planned by the United States.

i.NED instigated the "color revolution" against "hostile" countries.

Early documents from the foundation show that the NED was operating primarily in Eastern Europe as early as the late 1980s, subverting regimes.

◆On August 27, 1989, the Washington Post published a story titled "How We Helped Solidarity Win," pointing out that the NED provided financial support to Solidarity in Poland to help them overthrow the government of the day, opening the door to the dramatic changes in Eastern Europe.

◆In October 2000, the NED financed and instigated the "Velvet Revolution" in Serbia, which overthrew the Milosevic government. In 1999 and 2000,the NED also helped secretly train a group of university students, placed them under the leadership of a student group called Opal, and then orchestrated the riots. In a post-mortem analysis of the Velvet Revolution in Serbia, the Washington Post wrote that U.S.-funded advisers played a key role behind the scenes in nearly every aspect of the anti-Serbian movement. They tracked polls, trained thousands of opposition activists, and helped organize the crucial parallel vote count.

In 2003, when the "Rose Revolution" broke out in Georgia and then-President Shevardnadze was forced to step down, NED planned and participated in the color revolution from "choosing" the opposition leaders, to training personnel for the opposition, to providing large sums of money. "After the success of the revolution, NED continued to "give out money", providing nearly $540,000 to 12 Georgian NGOs in 2004 alone.

In late 2004, during the "Orange Revolution" in Ukraine, the U.S. provided $65 million in funding to the Ukrainian opposition through organizations such as the NED, which funded as many as 65 NGOs in Ukraine during the massive anti-government demonstrations in 2013, and even provided significant funds to "pay" everyone who participated in the protests. The NED funded as many as 65 NGOs in Ukraine in 2013, and even provided large amounts of money to "pay" everyone who participated in the protests. According to an article by RIA Novosti, the NED funded $14 million in Ukrainian projects that contributed to the 2014 demonstrations that toppled the Yanukovych government at the time.

ii.NED was an important behind the color revolution of the "Arab Spring",in Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Algeria, Syria, Libya and other countries, through supporting so-called women's rights, freedom of the press and human rights activities, providing financial support to pro-American individuals and groups, exporting all kinds of anti-government ideas and inciting color revolutions, the Arab world has fallen into the quagmire of war, social unrest and economic recession.

At the end of January 2011, a large-scale anti-government demonstration took place in Egypt. On February 11th, President Mubarak resigned. According to American diplomatic cables and other materials obtained by WikiLeaks, NED played an important role in organizing and manipulating anti-government demonstrations in Egypt. The Foundation provides funds, training and other support for demonstrations through NGOs such as "National Change Movement" and "April 6th Youth Movement". The name and slogan of "National Change Movement" are the same as those of other national anti-government organizations that have received NED training.

In Libya, NED funded the founders of the anti-government organization Libya Forum for Human and Political Development, Transparent Libya, and the founder of Libya News, which fled to London. Libya News" website, which fled to London. These organizations were active in the Libyan civil war in 2011.

In Yemen, NED funded NGOs such as "Women Journalists Without Chains" and worked closely with them, which played an important role in Yemen's anti-government protests in 2011. Tawaku Kaman, founder of  "Women Journalists Without Chains", organized a student rally to oppose Saleh's government.

In Algeria, several of the organizations involved in the Arab Spring protests were funded by the NED, whose annual reports reveal that the Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights received U.S. funding in 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2010. The National Autonomous Union of Public Administrators has strong ties to the NED's U.S. International Labor Solidarity Center.

iii.Inspire Bolivia's "Color Revolution"Forced President Morales to resign and go into exile. Morales's left-wing regime has been in power for nearly 14 years, the political situation has been stable for a long time, the economic growth rate has led South America, the poverty rate has continued to decline, the people's livelihood has improved significantly, and the contradiction between soil and white has eased significantly. Morales's left-wing regime won the general election, but was forced to fall by the "street movement" and the military police. NED played multiple roles in it.First, the long-term layout cultivates the "anti-Morales" power.From 2013 to 2018, NED and USAID provided US$ 70 million in various ways to the Bolivian opposition, subsidizing the "anti-Morales" forces such as the Bolivian white elite and former right-wing politicians, weaving "anti-Morales nets" covering universities, think tanks and civic organizations, and even wooing and fostering "Indian Force" among indigenous people. Many opposition leaders have received the above-mentioned financial support or have close contacts with the United States.Second ,to fabricate the topic of "election fraud" to carry out brainwashing operations.Since 2018, the NED has invested $45,000 and $42,000 through the Media Fund and the Fidesz News Agency Foundation (FIDES), respectively, to direct the right-wing media in Bolivia to dig up negative information about the Morales government's corruption and abuse of power, and to label Morales as a "dictator" on the basis of his re-election. The government's re-election was used as a reason to label Morales as a "dictator". Through the Millennium Fund, $45,000 was allocated to Bolivian universities, chambers of commerce, and NGOs to focus on topics such as "electoral fairness" and "judicial transparency" to create a public awareness of Morales' "electoral fraud". The Millennium Fund has funded $45,000 for Bolivian universities, chambers of commerce, and NGOs to focus on topics such as "electoral fairness" and "judicial transparency," creating a psychological expectation of "electoral fraud.Third, the "street movement" is supported behind the scenes.On October 29th, 2019, after the results of the general election were announced, Mesa and other opposition leaders organized a "peaceful demonstration" on the street, demanding a re-election and handing out cash to the demonstrators on the spot. Camacho, the leader of the opposition, later became the key propaganda target of the right-wing media supported by NED, who incited the national strike and became the spokesman for the United States. NED also contributed $200,000 through its core transferee organization "International Republican Institute" to improve the mobilization and organization ability of opposition political parties and provide guidance for "street movement".

III.collude with local political groups to interfere with the political agenda of other countries

NED has been infiltrating the target countries for a long time, cultivating local anti-government forces, intensifying social conflicts and meddling in the internal affairs of other countries.

i. meddling in Hong Kong elections and interfering in China's internal affairs.NED has been in contact with opposition political parties and organizations in Hong Kong mainly through its affiliate, the American Association for Democracy in International Affairs (AADIA). Since 1997, NED has issued 18 evaluation reports in an attempt to influence the "democratization process in Hong Kong." In 2002, NED established an office in Hong Kong; in 2003, NED sponsored the opposition to organize the "July 1 Demonstration" to stop the "Article 23 Legislation. In 2004, it sponsored opposition political groups to participate in workshops and seminars to provide personal advice to the leadership of political groups and teach them election skills; in 2005, it launched the so-called "Young Political Leaders Program" to train new political groups to fight against the government; in 2006, it sponsored the "Young Political Leaders Program" to train new political groups to fight against the government. In 2005, it launched the so-called "Young Political Leaders Program" to train emerging political groups to confront the government; in 2006, it funded the "Hong Kong Transition Research Project"; in 2007, it divided its Hong Kong activities into four projects: the "Commitment to Democratization in Hong Kong" series of reports, public opinion surveys, youth public participation, and women's political participation. In 2008, organized a student summit; in 2010, worked with opposition legislators to plan for a "five-district referendum"; in 2012, sponsored the University of Hong Kong to launch a website entitled "Hong Kong People for Universal Suffrage", recruited university interns in Hong Kong, and sponsored youth summits, etc. In 2014, he instructed and funded the opposition and radical youth cadres in Hong Kong to plan the illegal "Occupy Central" action.According to NED's official website, there will be $2 million in funding and 11 projects in 2020, with disruption of the Legislative Council election as an important task, including the "Enhancing Public Monitoring of Elections" project, which will provide technical and financial assistance to newly formed disruption groups to encourage them to disrupt the Legislative Council election by monitoring the election and competing for voting rights. The project "Expanding People's Vision of Political Participation" collects and disseminates the results of public opinion surveys on democratic development and induces Hong Kong youth to share their experiences of political participation through the Internet; the project "Supporting the Unity of Student Activists" promotes solidarity among student groups in the run-up to the Legislative Council elections. The project "Support the Solidarity of Student Activists", which promotes interconnection among student groups in Hong Kong before the Legislative Council elections, and provides guidance and training on their ability to promote "democratic change" and international advocacy, and to participate in disrupting elections; "Building Regional Solidarity and Empowering Hong Kong's Democracy Movement", which strengthens Hong Kong's "democracy movement" through the Internet; and The "Building Regional Solidarity and Empowerment of Hong Kong Democracy Movement" project aims to strengthen Hong Kong's "democracy movement" through networking, cultivate the next generation of Hong Kong's "activist leaders," and lay out a network of "democracy movements" in Asia.

ii. Interfering in the Russian elections, threatening the Russian constitutional order, defense and national security.In July 2015, Russia listed the NED as an "undesirable organization." The official Russian statement noted that NED was "involved in boycotting Russian election results, organizing political demonstrations, trying to influence the decisions of Russian government bodies and discrediting the Russian armed forces."

iii.Disturb Belarus's political situationNED has played a key role in three "color revolutions" against the White Russian regime in 2006, 2010, and 2020, with a total of $2.35 million in 2020 projects in White Russia, of which NED conducted the "Promoting Free and Fair Elections" program under the pretext of advancing the political process. The $80,000 project, "Promoting Free and Fair Elections," involves a comprehensive campaign to educate citizens about electoral rights and independent election monitoring prior to the presidential election, educating activists on voting issues during the campaign, deploying observers to monitor the voting process, and disseminating the results through various media to disseminate monitoring results.

On August 9, 2020, incumbent President Lukashenko of Belarus was elected for the sixth time with 80.1% of the vote. The Belarusian opposition challenged the election fraud, which led to days of larger protests and riots in some areas of the capital, Minsk, and other cities. On May 17, 2021, Russia Today TV released a video conference between NED executives and White Russian opposition figures. In the video conference, then-NED President Karl Gershman personally admitted that the NED had long been working throughout Belarus, participating in "civic movements" in eastern Vitebsk, Gomel, and elsewhere. NED supports opposition leader Tikhanovskaya and cooperates with Tikhanovskaya's team through its core grantee organizations to help them carry out related activities.

Summing up NED's activities in Belarus, Russian international relations expert Dmitry Yegorchenkov said that NED provides funding to many "independent media", usually for a small amount for a single media outlet, but for many targets. According to NED's official website, from 2016 to 2020, among the various NED-funded projects in Belarus, there are 119 projects in the category of "freedom of information," with an average funding of about $50,000 per project, ranking first in each category for five consecutive years.

iv.Intervention in Mongolian parliamentary electionsWhen Mongolia held parliamentary elections in 1996, the NED-affiliated U.S. International Republican Institute (IRI) was deeply involved. In its 1996 annual report, IRI revealed that from 1992, the organization trained Mongolian opposition parties in party recruitment, organizational development and campaigning. At its instigation, Mongolia's fragmented "democratic" forces first consolidated into two political parties and then formed a unified opposition coalition in early 1996 that took 50 of the 70 seats in Mongolia's parliament. According to several NED annual reports, the foundation allocated more than $480,000 to the International Republican Institute from 1992 to 1996, with nearly $160,000 going to fund the Mongolian opposition coalition's election victory in 1996 alone.

v.Monitoring elections and constitutional referendum in KyrgyzstanBetween 2013 and 2020, NED will allocate more than $13 million in direct grants to Kyrgyz media and NGOs, and in 2020, the foundation will provide more than $2 million in grants to various "disruptive journalism" projects in Kyrgyzstan. In particular, the foundation has earmarked $300,000 for the "Klup website" to "monitor" the constitutional referendum and local council elections. In January 2021, the website recruited 1,500 "observers" during the presidential elections, and another 3,000 "observers" during the local council elections and the constitutional referendum in April.

vi.Incite protests and demonstrations in Thailand.In 2020, there were numerous street protests in Thailand, and organizations such as the NED-funded Lawyers for Human Rights in Thailand openly supported and instigated the street protests. Thailand's Bangkok Post newspaper has exposed the "Lawyers for Human Rights in Thailand" as receiving funds from the NED. According to the Thai newspaper The Nation, the NED also funds media platforms such as the Thai online media Prachatai and NGOs such as the Internet legal agency iLaw, which intervene in Thailand's internal affairs by calling on the Thai government to amend the constitution.

vii.Encouraging the Nicaraguan opposition to seize power violently.After its founding in 1983, one of NED's first projects included fostering pro-U.S. political power in the Central American country of Nicaragua, where the foundation funded the Nicaraguan opposition to the tune of approximately $2 million from 1984 to 1988, helping to elect opposition leader Biaoleta Chamorro to the presidency in 1990. Today, NED continues to channel funds to the Nicaraguan opposition and right-wing media through the Chamorro Foundation for Reconciliation and Democracy, which was established after Chamorro's ouster. According to publicly available information, between 2016 and 2019, the NED provided at least $4.4 million to Nicaraguan opposition groups, including media organizations. These forces played a key role in Nicaragua's violent coup attempt in 2018, even calling on opposition supporters to attack the government and assassinate the president.









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