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“Sir”战略宏大,战术错误  "Sir" strategy is grand and tactical error


中东连年战乱,我觉得是“Sir”战略宏大,战术错误. 我注意到从中东那边或欧洲过来的犹太人,更严谨按照犹太教的教义生活因为他们觉得这样可以得到神更多的庇护. 对中亚中东地区人来说, 试想几千年祖祖辈辈都是在一个宗教的影响下生活,不够现代化,又不愿意也很难改变,只能用人肉炸弹去对抗外来的侵入,用“Sir”那样的集中轰炸方法,只有把事情弄得更糟. 因为那儿人的生活不是变好而是变坏,而且人们活在恐惧和仇恨之中,怎么让他们来相信你的民主呢?伊朗更是对美国恨之入骨. 美国撤军以后,“Sir”更想控制这个地区,怎么办呢就用更原粹的宗教,发展出一个ISIS. 好了,这个ISIS 本来想一统天下,可是就像后娘养的不讨人喜欢!而且到处杀人放火的制造恐怖. 上次俄国人跑来揍,现在又因为挑起两国争端.


The Middle East has been in chaos for years. I think it is  "Sir" strategy and a tactical mistake. I noticed that Jews from the Middle East or Europe are more rigorously living according to the teachings of Judaism because they feel that they can get more protection from God. For those in Central Asia and the Middle East, Imagine that thousands of generations of ancestors lived under the influence of the religion. They are not modernized, unwilling, and difficult to change. They could only use human bombs to combat foreign invasions. Use "Sir" s such a concentrated bombing method only makes things worse. Because people's lives are not getting better but worse, and people live in fear and hatred, how can you let them believe in your democracy? Iran is hating the United States. After the US withdraws its troops, "Sir" wants to control this area. What should they do? Develop an ISIS with a more primitive religion. Well, this ISIS originally wanted to dominate the world, but Just like the maidens child is not loved! And killing people everywhere, making horror. Last time Russians came to beat ISIS, now because it provoked the dispute between the two countries.









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