英诗精选中译100首 (自序 /中英)

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英诗精选中译100首 (自序 /中英)

Preface   ( A Selection From Top 500 Poems In English)

In the beginning of August, 2015, I received a copy of the Vietnam At War by the former Chinese Vietnamese writer, Mr. Pan Zhou, and later it turned out to be the connection for me to know about Mr. Xie Zhenyu, a senior Chinese writer and poet in Vietnam. One day last summer, while I searched in the Internet, looking for historical information about my parents'
hometown, also my birth place----Vietnam, I surprisingly found the book, War At Vietnam by Mr. Pan, which later on impressed me a lot. So before I received his book I could not wait to read his other works published inWorldjournal.com and his blog where I read his stories such as Rambutan and A Mixed Race Child and some prose and poems.
Mr. Pan then introduced me to "Huang Yingquan Writing Workshop" on Facebook. This is a great writing workshop with members from all over the world, and most of them are Chinese originally from Vietnam, who are good at writing prose, novels, poetry and calligraphy and so on. One of the members I met there is Mr. Xie Zhenyu, who now is living in Vietnam. Talking with Mr. Xie is a pleasant thing to do. Mr. Xie is an accomplished writer, very knowledgeable, and has a good sense of humor. I am impressed by his witty and humorous writings, his great personality, personal charisma and accomplishment in translation.
I started to write and translate in 2013. I focused on poetry from ancient times and works by contemporary poets, modern novels, classic essays, jokes, lyrics etc., between Chinese and English. Most of the time I write poems in both English and Chinese. My two translation works, The Dancing Lady On The Street by Zeng Minglu, a Chinese writer from the States, and Talking About Finland by Tangfu, a Chinese writer from Finland were published in Guwahatian, an overseas Electronic journal: http://guwahatian.guwahaticity.in/Vol2_Issue
9/talesofmind_article2.php http://guwahatian.guwahaticity.in/Vo
l2_Issue9/insidebox_article1.php Mr. Xie suggested that I should translate famous English poems into Chinese, so I began to put my heart into working on this book from mid-September, 2015. I searched poems from http://www.poemhunter.com, and selected 100 pieces by 21 renowned poets as original translation materials for this book. I had previously translated some of those poems. Poets in this book include: Maya Angelou, Margaret Atwood, William Blake, George Gordon Byron, Leonard Cohen, Emily Dickson, Robert Frost, Langston Hughes, Ted Kooser, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Kenn Nesbitt, Ezra Pound, Edgar Allan Poe, Jack Prelutsky, John McCrae, Carl Sandburg, Wallace Stevens, Shel Silverstein, Sara Teasdale, Walt Whiteman, and William Butler Yeats.
Contents of these poems include views of love, philosophy of life, aspirations, tracing back one's own history, good wishes for peace, love of American rural life, and campus humor, such as Love Is Not All by Edna St. Vincent Millay, Young Sea by Carl Sandburg, The Negro Speaks of Rivers by Langston Hughes, The Pasture by Robert Frost, In Flanders Fields by John McCrae, and My Teacher Ate My Homework by Kenn Nesbitt's and so on.
Readers will learn western views of love and philosophy of life, experience the American rural life, and at the same time, will enjoy the campus humor by bursting into laughter when reading those children's poems. In this book, I selected two to ten poems for each poet for the translation, all are accompanied by the author's bilingual introduction. I did my best to be accurate, vivid and natural when translating the meaning, beauty and the rhyme of each poem into Chinese, trying to lead the reader into the unprecedented western literary world, to explore the charm of English language and western culture.
During the process of translating this book, I received suggestions from Mr. Xu Yingcai, a professor from the States. Professor Xu' books include: A Selection From the Eight Great Prose Masters of The Tang And Song Dynasties, Selected Works Of Contemporary Chinese Prose, and The translation of Chinese Classical Prose. In September, 2015, A Selection From the Eight Great Prose Masters of The Tang And Song Dynasties and Selected Works Of Contemporary Chinese Prose were given to Lincoln High School by the President of the People's Republic of China, Mr. Xi Jinping, as gifts for learning translation, Chinese culture and language, they are also designated materials for students in China to take the entrance exam of the post-graduate study ofclassical literature translation. I have been influenced and inspired by the translation principles promoted by Mr. Xu, which are: accuracy, vividness and naturalness. I am grateful for the invitation from Mr. Xie and the opportunity of working together with him. I appreciate his attitude of helping and encouraging younger people to contribute into the translation field. Nevertheless, due to time limits, please accept my sincerest apologies for any mistakes I may make in this book, and I thank you in advance for your time!

Liu Xiaoman Jan. 16, 2016

去年夏季的一天,当我在网上搜索有关我父母亲的家乡,我的出生地越南的资料的时候,惊喜地发现潘先生的著作【烽火越南】,在还没有收到潘先生的书之前,我就在网上阅读了他的其他故事,发表在世界日报上的【红毛丹】和在寻声诗社网站上的一些作品。 后来潘先生介绍我上脸书, 加入“黄应泉文友写作室”。 这个写作室茂林修竹,群贤毕至,其中就有越华作家、诗人谢振煜先生。 与谢先生交流是一件愉快的事。 他博学多才、风趣幽默,也让我这个在南北方出生,在中国学了10年中文的人汗颜。 我很敬佩他的中文修养,他的翻译成就。 他的作品,文字风格处处流露幽默、博学的特质和人格魅力。
我是自2013年开始翻译和创作的。 翻译的作品包括古今诗词、现代小说、古典散文、中外笑话等中英互译。 诗词习作多为中英双语,发表在外国电子杂志Guwahatian 上有我主译的美籍华裔作家虔谦女士的小说【街心舞女】:http://guwahatian.guwahaticity.in/Vol2_Issue8/talesofmind_article1.php 芬兰华裔作家唐夫先生的散文【漫话芬兰】
http://guwahatian.guwahaticity.in/Vol2_Issue9/insidebox_article1.php , 所以在2015年的9月中旬我开始了本书的翻译工作。 我从http://www.poemhunter.com上选了21位著名英语诗人的作品,一共100首诗作为翻译的原始材料,其中有一部分是我以前曾经翻译过的。 这本书收录的诗人有:玛雅•安琪罗(Maya Angelou)、玛格丽特•阿特伍德(Margaret Atwood) 、 威廉•布莱克(William Blake) 、 乔治•戈登•拜伦(George Gordon Byron) 、伦纳德•诺曼•科恩(Leonard Cohen) 、 埃米莉•狄更生(Emily Dickson) 、罗伯特•弗罗斯特(Robert Frost) 、 兰斯顿•休斯(Langston Hughes) 、 泰德•库瑟(Ted Kooser) 、 爱德娜•圣文森•米蕾(Edna St.Vincent Millay), 克恩•奈斯比特(Kenn Nesbitt)、 艾兹拉•庞德 (Ezra Poun、, 埃德加•爱伦•坡(Edgar Allan Poe) 、 杰克•普鲁斯基( Jack Prelutsky) 、 约翰•麦克雷(John McCrae), 卡尔•桑德堡(Carl Sandburg), 华莱士•斯蒂文斯(Wallace Stevens) 、 谢尔•西尔弗斯坦(Shel Silverstein) 、莎拉•蒂斯黛尔(Sara Teasdale) 、沃尔特•惠特曼(Walt Whiteman) 、 和威廉•巴特勒•叶芝(William Butler Yeats)。 诗的内容包罗爱情观点、生活哲学、美好愿望、追溯自身的历史、抒发对和平的向往、表达对田园生活的热爱、还有校园幽默等等。 譬如爱德娜•圣•文森•米蕾( Edna St. Vincent Millay)的【爱不是一切】(Love Is Not All)、卡尔•桑德堡(Carl Sandburg )的【年轻的海】(Young Sea)、兰斯顿•休斯(Langston Hughes )的【黑人说河流】(The Negro Speaks Of Rivers)、罗伯特•弗罗斯特(Robert Frost)的【牧场】(The Pasture)、约翰•麦克雷(John McCrae)的【在佛兰德斯的田野上】(In Flanders Fields)、克恩•奈斯比特(Kenn Nesbitt)的【我老师吃了我的作业】(My Teacher Ate My Homework)等等。

读者在游走在西方的爱情、生活哲学之间的同时,也感受美式的田园生活,又会为幽默的童诗忍俊不禁。 本书每一个作者的诗选2到10首不等,中英对照,并附有作者的简介中英对照。 我力求准确、传神、浑然地翻译出原诗的意、形和韵的美,带领读者进入前所未有的西方文学殿堂,感受西方的语言和文化魅力。

在翻译过程中我获得美国徐英才老师的一些建议帮助,特此致谢。 徐英才老师是前复旦大学的英语教师,他的著作【英译唐宋八大家散文精选】和【英译中国经典散文选】是中国国家主席习近平先生在2015年9月份访美期间赠送给美国林肯中学图书馆的外文教材,【英译唐宋八大家散文精选】也是国内高校的古典文学翻译研究生入学考试指定读物。 我追求的是徐英才老师提倡的准确、传神、浑然的三个翻译原则。 感谢谢振煜先生的邀请和合作,感谢他提携晚辈不遗余力, 对后进的支持和鼓励的态度。 本书翻译因为时间匆促,如有错漏的地方,希望读者能谅解、指正。





数年前的一天我和我的加拿大朋友聊天。 我问她是否喜欢诗。 她说她小说看不少,但对诗真的不感冒。 然后说她喜欢一些传统的儿歌,摇篮曲和一些打油诗。

然后她教我以下这首著名的两行诗,而我视这个为我重要的诗歌学习经历,是我诗歌学习和写作生涯的启蒙。 根据我的朋友,这诗是这样子的:

Here I sit broken hearted,

Spent a penny and only farted.

正如今天世界各地的很多地方一样,在几十年前的加拿大,去公共洗手间你是必须要付钱的。 (想想,你付了钱而什么事情都没办成,这个情况是否会让你很伤心? 是不是有道理? )从此我就对英语诗歌发生很大的兴趣。

Nov. 20,2015

My Profound Enlightenment of Poetry

One day a few years ago I chatted with one of my Canadian friends. I asked her if she was interested in poems. She said that she had read many novels and stories, but poems indeed are not her cup of tea. Anyway she then told me that she likes some traditional nursery rhymes and lullabies and some limericks as well.

She then taught me the following well-known two lined poem which I believe to be my significant poetry learning experience, my profound enlightenment education in my English poetry learning/ writing life. Based on my friend, they go like this:

"Here I sit broken hearted,

spent a penny and only farted. "

Just like many places around the world today, decades ago in Canada you needed to pay to use a public toilet. Ever since, I started to become very interested in English poems.
Nov. 20,2015

Liu Xiaoman










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I start reading only a small part
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越湖: 我也给两行:
I start reading only a small part
already enjoy it with my laughing heart
多谢越湖赐玉,your words make my day . 哈哈!
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