Kern River Rafting again

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Mat and I went to Kern River for rafting again over the weekend.
Weather is perfect, about 98 degree on the river, we join the 1 day Pitco trip (min age is 8) but the company knew we were both good swimmer and consider the fact Mat took the Lickety trip early this year.

Lickety trip is class I-II and Pitco is Class II-III, Mat had great time as we fight the wave, rafting, falling out of the boat, swim, jumping from 14ft rock to the river, the last part of swim rafting the class II is thrilling as we jump out of the boat and do "California lounge" to pass the class II rafting.

We stayed in Bakersfield Marriott on Saturday night, we get a holiday deal that is only $71 - I never saw such a low price on Marriott hotel. They have a nice swimming pool.

I upload couple of pictures to share the fun.










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2 回复 fanlaifuqu 2011-9-6 01:32
where are the pictures?
2 回复 fanlaifuqu 2011-9-6 02:00
2 回复 Cateye 2011-9-6 06:59
I did class 4 a couple of years ago, want to do it again, a lot of fun.
2 回复 hog4oc 2011-9-7 00:48
We will do the two day trip next year, the min age for class III and IV is 12 years old, but the company told us they will take us after they saw we were both good :)

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