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分享 [ 职场内外 ]:business decision - hardware entrepreneur's mind
dejavu 2018-12-25 20:56
6% of overall population are working or worked in their own business; 50% of business can operate more than 5 years; 30% of them can run more than 10 years. Less than 20% of startups are making hardware. 98.7% of consumer hardware startup are failed and 3 [ ...阅读全文 ]
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分享 [ 职场内外 ]:创业最难处
dejavu 2018-12-22 11:23
创业是个辛苦活。有个东欧的哥们一直警告我,team最难搞,宁可自己做少挣点省心。我还一直没有体会到。最近的关于合同签署的分歧让我感觉到万分憔悴。大家意见不一致,谁也无法说服对方。僵局,争吵,抑郁,无奈,放弃,抗争,忍耐,。。。。把以前所有怀着的创业的甜蜜都扔到沟里了。 如果重新选择是否创业,可能会非常挣 [ ...阅读全文 ]
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分享 [ 职场内外 ]:Elon Musk Economics
dejavu 2018-12-20 23:18
Elon is tackling some very tough problems: rockets, EV, and urban traffic.The core of his business model is driving the cost to a level that more people can afford it. Before space activitis are government privilege and now spread to even startup company [ ...阅读全文 ]
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分享 [ 职场内外 ]:Ideation process learned from Elon Musk
dejavu 2018-12-19 23:46
If you check how Elon Musk form SpaceX The Boring Company you will notice the ideationprocesses are quite similar. Both are starting from very very big vision and screening down to a specific immediate problem for startup. Living in Mars dream has driven [ ...阅读全文 ]
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分享 [ 职场内外 ]:创业者有什么不一样的?
dejavu 2018-6-11 10:52
创业者如果成功需要很多特别的特性: 一些通常所说的特性(网上一堆)我列出来一些:passion,Resilience,Strong Sense of Self,Flexibility,Vision, execution, risk taking, open mind, planning and priority, etc.s 我说点另类的。 创业者倾向于把不确定的事情定位为机会。 [ ...阅读全文 ]
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分享 [ 职场内外 ]:如何寻找创业idea
dejavu 2018-5-11 23:03
每个阶段的难点是不同的。刚刚开始的时候是idea. 一般来说我们已经习惯了我们的生活,工作和娱乐的方式和所使用的工具。当我们习以为常的时候我们不会觉得有什么东西需要改变的。即便我们对现有的产品,做法, 程序,等等提出来疑义的时候,等来的别人的反映一般也是非常负面的:这样有什么不好,别人可以用你为什么不行, [ ...阅读全文 ]
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分享 [ 职场内外 ]:创业项目选择标准
dejavu 2018-4-29 09:35
当初我们几个人坐在一起商量从哪个项目做起的时候。 我们最后定下来的标准是:1。 必须是硬件。过去20年融资的主要方向是软件。没有人喜欢投资硬件。原因是比起软件的商业模式,硬件商业模式要慢的多,不容易迅速扩张,不容易扩张的很大。但是我们认为硬件容易申请专利,不容易被模仿。商业规模可大,可小。大到HP,小到养 [ ...阅读全文 ]
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分享 [ 职场内外 ]:创业成功的要素
dejavu 2018-4-13 22:09
第一是运气。 合适的时间,地点,人,技术和需求。第二是人和团队。领头人必须啥都行。每个人都必须很牛,职责上各守 一摊。聪明,有创新精神,主动,奉献牺牲,主人翁精神。第三是技术。尤其一开始技术能力决定未来有什么样的前途。第四是执行能力。说道的事基本上要作到。公司的信用就是这样子一点点地积累起来的。 [ ...阅读全文 ]
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分享 [ 职场内外 ]:创新历程
dejavu 2018-3-22 11:08
创新是一个长长的链。能把这个链完整了是一件了不起的事。首先需要知道问题再哪里? 只有10%的人会意识到目前的产品或者程序需要改进。其余的人都接受了, don't care or get used to。然后10% of that could have basic idea about a high level solution.Then 10 % of that could have chance to get right pe [ ...阅读全文 ]
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分享 [ 职场内外 ]:创业的动力
dejavu 2018-2-19 23:57
开始是梦想:比如想发财,改变社会,留下名声,等等然后是激情:找到想做的事,激情四射。接着是忍耐力:事情远非那么简单,失败,挫折。竞争心:或许运气还好,成功了第一步,要作成个大事业。责任:运气非常好,有了大的事业,要为你的员工和社会负责,实现开始的梦想,如何利用你的丰富的资源改变社会。 [ ...阅读全文 ]
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分享 [ 职场内外 ]:learning curve - 教训
dejavu 2017-7-18 10:58
We have been invited to demonstrate our device to engineers in this mining company in this Jan. Then they sent us to underground mining site for field testing for twice. The lessons we learned are:Field testing is not training. The only thing we should do [ ...阅读全文 ]
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分享 [ 职场内外 ]:pitch competition
dejavu 2016-2-11 03:59
Attending launch event of innovation idea pitch competition at College. It seems very important because Mayor came to cut the ribbon.Networking with people including fellow startup entrepreneurs, government funding agent, and some business leaders. Collec [ ...阅读全文 ]
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分享 [ 职场内外 ]:Advisor and product plan
dejavu 2016-2-6 11:47
Today meet one of my advisor, Fi, a professor from community college in library study room. He is very smart person and provides consulting service for startup.He provided me clear picture about marketing plan in a very organized way. He would like to be [ ...阅读全文 ]
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分享 [ 职场内外 ]:Partner -new changes
dejavu 2016-2-3 03:39
Today my partner told me he will go university to continue his study by the end of the year. But he will still play a smaller role in the company but will not involve into the daily operation and low level engineering and design activities. He will help m [ ...阅读全文 ]
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分享 [ 职场内外 ]:Partner
dejavu 2016-1-29 22:05
创业不久,经历三次合作伙伴的分开。 没有一次不是闹翻天的。First time it happened around 2008 when my friend and I wanted to buy a machinery company. At the beginning I contacted with seller, made price and negotiated with him. I also wrote business plan and marketing plan. But right [ ...阅读全文 ]
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分享 [ 职场内外 ]:Lean method
dejavu 2016-1-28 10:13
Following lean method for the company business model and process. I have been bootstrapping the company for more than one year and will continue up to certain point before seeking money invested. By that point the company should have done a list below:pre [ ...阅读全文 ]
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分享 [ 职场内外 ]:startUp-the beginning
dejavu 2016-1-27 11:00
in September 2014, we, three friends, decided to start up a business. We have been talking for about 3 months to collect ideas. Finally we got a good idea to start in December 2014 which is hardware device for distance measurement. Luckily there is a new [ ...阅读全文 ]
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分享 [ 职场内外 ]:第一个感兴趣的客户-2016Jan26
dejavu 2016-1-27 10:50
今天收到来自以前合作过的政府基金manager的email. She e-introduced me to CEO from US company in MI who are interested in our product. This would be our first direct connected potential customer.As well talked to Tom, our US partner this morning regarding company, product de [ ...阅读全文 ]
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