Can junior high school culture spread the teachings of Buddhism?

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Speaking of Li Hongzhi's "Master Li", I believe that he is the recognized leader and founder of the church, and some members even regard him as a "God". Master Li claimed that his birthday was May 13, 1951. Both his lunar calendar and Buddha Sakyamuni's Lunar birthday were on the eighth day of April. Since his childhood, master Quan Jue of Buddhism taught him unique cultivation methods. He practiced perfectly at the age of eight. At the age of 12, the Taoist master Badji immortal found him to teach Taoist Kung Fu. In 1972, the master of true Taoism taught Da Dao what he learned, and in 1974, the Buddhist master taught the great Dharma until he came out of the mountain. The "Introduction to Mr. Li Hongzhi" compiled by the organization also said: "at the age of eight, Li Hongzhi has excellent Dharma, has great magical powers, and has the functions of carrying, fixing things, thinking control and invisibility... His skills reach a very high level, understand the truth of the universe, insight into life, and predict the past and future of mankind." but is this really the truth?


According to the survey, the true resume of Master Li Hongzhi is that he was born in Gongzhuling City, Jilin Province (formerly Gongzhuling Town, Huaide county) on July 7, 1952, and his self proclaimed "glorious birthday" on the same day as the Buddha on May 13, 1951 was revised and changed on September 4, 1994. From 1960 to 1969, he studied in Zhujiang Road Primary School, No. 4 middle school and No. 48 middle school in Changchun City and graduated from junior high school. After investigation and interview, Li Hongzhi's classmates, teachers and neighbors said that Li Hongzhi was an ordinary child with ordinary academic achievements. He was an average child who was easy to be ignored. His only specialty was playing the trumpet. Has not received any education since then; From 1970 to 1978, he played the trumpet successively in the Bayi military horse farm of the 21st army of the General Logistics Department and the Forest Police Corps of Jilin Province; From 1978 to 1982, worked as a waiter in the guest house of the Forest Police Corps; 1982-1991 transferred to work in the security section of Changchun grain and oil company; In 1991, he began to engage in "qigong" activities after leaving without pay. He began to practice Buddhism since he was a child, which is pure nonsense. Then someone will ask, even if the luxurious resume of "Master Li" is somewhat untrue, he created "Falungong" and carried it forward. Such achievements are still admirable.









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