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分享 [ 英文分享 ]:鸡蛋打败硬汉
温哥华张三 2022-5-27 05:20
... [ ...阅读全文 ] [ 温哥华张三的博文列表 ]
分享 [ 英文分享 ]:凌晨四点打电话的朋友。。。
温哥华张三 2022-5-20 08:24
... [ ...阅读全文 ] [ 温哥华张三的博文列表 ]
分享 [ 英文分享 ]:影响一生的摸彩
温哥华张三 2022-5-13 11:52
... [ ...阅读全文 ] [ 温哥华张三的博文列表 ]
分享 [ 英文分享 ]:六十年前的预言,部分正在应验
温哥华张三 2022-5-6 13:31
... [ ...阅读全文 ] [ 温哥华张三的博文列表 ]
分享 [ 英文分享 ]:I hope peace in Ukraine returns soon
goofegg 2022-3-24 13:38
I hope...goofeggI don't know how long this war will lastHow far will it go? How many countries will be scorchedI just wish the war would be over soonerThe displaced refugees could return home soonerIf time could turn back, I hope this war will not happenI [ ...阅读全文 ] [ goofegg的博文列表 ]
分享 [ 英文分享 ]:Happy New Year
大伟直言2013 2021-12-31 07:36
Happy New Year With happiness I welcome the New Year With warmth I meet people here and there Sun is shining bright over the ground Like baby face happy and round The sun warms your body and soul with grace Delighted even find the cloud [ ...阅读全文 ] [ 大伟直言2013的博文列表 ]
分享 [ 英文分享 ]:Nomadland 不是“无依之地”
杨立勇 2021-3-11 15:38
(杨老师英语翻译笔记)Nomadland不是“无依之地”电影“Nomadland”被翻译成“无依之地”,无论从语法上或者从修辞上都经不起推敲。译者显然急于想传递电影中这群nomads(漂泊客)老无所依的那种rootlessness(身世飘零)而用力过猛,硬生生地给比较中性的Nomadland平添了几分悲情愁绪,以图唤起观众的共情或同 [ ...阅读全文 ] [ 杨立勇的博文列表 ]
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分享 [ 英文分享 ]:意态由来译不成
杨立勇 2019-12-16 16:48
(杨老师英语翻译笔记)意态由来译不成野史传闻:汉代美女王昭君自恃天生丽质,不肯行贿打点宫廷画师毛延寿。画师就故意丑化她的画像,以致她入不了按图索妃子的皇上的法眼。等到王昭君后来奉旨出塞和番,临行前皇帝才一睹芳容,惊为天人。可外交睦邻友好事体重大,反悔不得。恼羞成怒的皇上怪罪下来,腐败的御用画师毛延寿 [ ...阅读全文 ] [ 杨立勇的博文列表 ]
疯疯颠颠 2019-9-20 01:43
SUBACUTE SCLEROSING PANENCEPHALITIS (A Report on Two Cases)Med J Armed Forces India. 1994 Oct; 50(4): 298–300.Published online 2017 Jun 27.doi:10.1016/S0377-1237(17)31092-4MKK RAO,*RK GUPTA,+VC OHRI,#S NARAYAN,**andSANGEETA JOSHI, Dr++Author information&n [ ...阅读全文 ] [ 疯疯颠颠的博文列表 ]
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分享 [ 英文分享 ]:“暴力美学”是个伪命题
杨立勇 2019-8-4 09:36
(杨老师翻译笔记)“暴力美学”是个伪命题乍听到“暴力美学”这个词语,本能地认定它是个oxymoron(矛盾修饰法),即由两个自相矛盾的词(“暴力”与“美学”)组成的词组。后来去查了它的英文原文,却原来是:Aestheticization of violence(“对暴力的美化”)。恍然大悟:原来“暴力美学”不是一个美学概念,而是一种社 [ ...阅读全文 ] [ 杨立勇的博文列表 ]
分享 [ 英文分享 ]:you are the best
天国蜜女 2019-5-10 06:42
To my Wonderful husbandYou are the bestyou are the bestmaybeOthers don’t knowYou don’t knowBut,God knows!You are born for a missionYou are born for a callingTell the worldWho Christian isWe need a heroWho we love to followO.You are the on [ ...阅读全文 ] [ 天国蜜女的博文列表 ]
分享 [ 英文分享 ]:I ENJOY WRITING
天国蜜女 2019-5-10 05:48
I enjoy writingWriting is one of my part in my life, No matter using Chinese or English, I love writing.When I was a very young girl, My dream was someday I could be a writer.The life with no joy, no happiness, no faith, nothing but tear.he life with no j [ ...阅读全文 ] [ 天国蜜女的博文列表 ]
分享 [ 英文分享 ]:好的国王是这样教育百姓的(英文故事写作一)
天国蜜女 2019-4-28 04:00
不会写作,英语就无法真正深入流利?有人这样说。但是,有个问题,我不明白。有些欧洲人在二战期间来到中国农村,他们讲一口流利的当地方言,如何解释?有些没有上过学的东北农民,可以讲一口流利的日语。写作是必须的。今天开始,自我练习,从学校学到的写作技巧:和大家一起学英文。还在练习,一定很多错误,请多指教,尊 [ ...阅读全文 ] [ 天国蜜女的博文列表 ]
分享 [ 英文分享 ]:Looking for a Time of Health(指望痊愈的时候)
重返伊甸 2019-3-29 07:29
“We looked for peace, but no good came; and for a time of health, and behold trouble!” (Jeremiah 8:15). Many students are deplorably ignorant of the fact that diet exerts a powerful influence upon the health. Some have never made a determined effor [ ...阅读全文 ] [ 重返伊甸的博文列表 ]
分享 [ 英文分享 ]:段落的描写
天国蜜女 2019-3-10 07:15
段落组成文章:一组句子中的一个思想组成一个段落。主要有以下几点组成1,可以表达主题思想的句子。2,细节。3,结论Anna is a good student .She is good .She is responsible .She is one of the best student in school.在这个段落中:1,一开始提出:Anna 是个好学生。(主题思想)2,她很有责任心。(细节)3,她是我们 [ ...阅读全文 ] [ 天国蜜女的博文列表 ]
分享 [ 英文分享 ]:How to learn English in my way 我学英文的方法。
天国蜜女 2019-3-10 04:14
一,选中一个演讲。盲听二,记录自己能听懂的词语与句子。三,用自己的方法写出记录下的词语与句子成为段落。四,用自己已经拥有的能力讲述给懂英文的朋友听。五,比较自己与原讲述者的区别。字词与语法的运用怎样的正确与错误。单词组织成句子,句子组织成段落,段落组织成文章。中英文都一样。句子:正确运用形容词和副词 [ ...阅读全文 ] [ 天国蜜女的博文列表 ]
分享 [ 英文分享 ]:世界英语学院课程错误改正记录
天国蜜女 2019-3-2 05:43
13. What have you learned in this lesson that is especially meaningful to you?MARGARET (DARLENE) HINDSLEY COMMENTED HEREYour Answer:After learning this lesson, I know that God is the almighty, intelligence creator. God made us as his own image. and He lov [ ...阅读全文 ] [ 天国蜜女的博文列表 ]
分享 [ 英文分享 ]:免费学英语有文凭的好消息-https://www.worldenglishinstitute.org
天国蜜女 2019-3-2 00:53
无意中找到一个免费学习英文的好网站。https://www.worldenglishinstitute.org这些课程能帮我准备托福考试吗?是的,世界英语学院课程专门设计用于帮助学生提高托福考试的英语技能。听说读写,全部齐全课程需要多长时间才能完成?这取决于您目前的英语技能水平。对于一些人来说,每节课不会超过一个小时。对于 [ ...阅读全文 ] [ 天国蜜女的博文列表 ]
分享 [ 英文分享 ]:领路人耶稣
重返伊甸 2019-1-19 07:34
如果你不知道从哪里来,那么你就不知道到哪里去;如果你不知道到哪里去,那么你就不能持久的走在一条正确的道路上。耶稣知道他从天国来,也知道要到天国去,所以一直走正路,从未犯罪。耶稣是我们的好榜样。Jesus leads the wayIf you do not know where you come from, you will not know where to go;If you do not know [ ...阅读全文 ] [ 重返伊甸的博文列表 ]
分享 [ 英文分享 ]:Chopin's Nocturne
重返伊甸 2019-1-17 08:06
And when the Chopin Nocturne ends And the last note says: "Goodbye" . . . Where does the golden beauty go? Does it really ever die? And when the pianist lifts his hands And the music is no more, Do others hear the afterglow Of what was heard bef [ ...阅读全文 ] [ 重返伊甸的博文列表 ]
分享 [ 英文分享 ]:The Song Of The Soul
重返伊甸 2019-1-16 07:25
The Song Of The Soul
Daniel Mergler If I could trace a melody of Mozart to its source, I'm sure that I would find my own soul. Of what Utopia does Mozart speak? He turns me into a dreamer of golden dreams That reach out to the very universe itself, Joining my heart w [ ...阅读全文 ] [ 重返伊甸的博文列表 ]
分享 [ 英文分享 ]:Silence
重返伊甸 2019-1-15 08:43
And when the Chopin Nocturne ends And the last note says: "Goodbye" . . . Where does the golden beauty go? Does it really ever die? And when the pianist lifts his hands And the music is no more, Do others hear the afterglow Of what was heard bef [ ...阅读全文 ] [ 重返伊甸的博文列表 ]
分享 [ 英文分享 ]:布满星斗的音乐
重返伊甸 2019-1-12 09:20
The starry notes of music The starry notes of music play And beauty opens up the vistas of the mind, Leading to the jewelled, golden door, The sanctuary of the sublime. And those who seek will find, When the starry notes [ ...阅读全文 ] [ 重返伊甸的博文列表 ]
分享 [ 英文分享 ]:简单的生活,谦卑的做人,温馨的友爱
重返伊甸 2019-1-10 08:55
Sometimes you areunsatisfied with your life,while many people inthis world are dreamingof living your life..A child on a farm seesa plane fly overhead dreams of flying.But, a pilot on the plane seesthe farmhouse dreamsof returning home.That's life!! Enjo [ ...阅读全文 ] [ 重返伊甸的博文列表 ]
分享 [ 英文分享 ]:Pro. Dajiong Lu said: Xubin Chen is a false historical “bricklayer” ......
前兆 2019-1-1 23:00
Pro. Dajiong Lu said: Xubin Chen is a false historical “bricklayer” ......
Professor Dajiong Lu said: Xubin Chen,a false historical “bricklayer”, scolded the ancestors of Chinese people There are detailed records about earthquake cloud in homeland and abroad, especially in ancient and modern China there are valuable h [ ...阅读全文 ] [ 前兆的博文列表 ]
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