The story of the two sweet kids (Chapter 2)

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                                                     Chapter Two-School Time

So in the morning at 6:40 A.M.,Percy and Riley walked to school,together (awww Love,HAHA).School went by fast.Riley's teacher was Mrs.Rimmly and Percy's teacher was Mr. Picky.Their school Mascot was the Cheetahs!School went by fast,first morning work,math then lunch...then recess(play outside) then they went to gym and last of all they did science and ta-da!School was over!So they walked home together again.When they both got to their own homes,they each had some juice and a slice of apple.After they ate the slice of apple and drank their juice,they went straight to homework .First they did Spelling,then Math.A little while later,Percy and  Riley's mom both came home.Mrs.Eden,was very glad to see Riley done with her homework,same thing with Mr.Jackson.Then they ate dinner and read 1 chapter of a book and went to bed at 8:00 P.M.

I'm going to continue chapter 3!!









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2 回复 瓷娃娃ChinaDoll 2012-1-4 08:43
    They almost do the same things, Haha.
2 回复 fanlaifuqu 2012-1-4 08:51
8 pm go to bed? good!
2 回复 瓷娃娃ChinaDoll 2012-1-4 09:18
fanlaifuqu: 8 pm go to bed? good!
Uh yes for those kids,Heehee.
2 回复 RidgeWalker 2012-1-4 10:41
Stream of consciousness, maybe.  
2 回复 Duoduo6 2012-1-4 17:34
keep writing i want to hear more but good job so far
1 回复 瓷娃娃ChinaDoll 2012-1-5 09:58
RidgeWalker: Stream of consciousness, maybe.   
    What? I don't get what your saying...
1 回复 瓷娃娃ChinaDoll 2012-1-5 09:59
Duoduo6: keep writing i want to hear more but good job so far
1 回复 RidgeWalker 2012-1-5 11:03
瓷娃娃ChinaDoll:      What? I don't get what your saying...
It's a mode of narrative.

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